Remember the time you got the news that you’re going to be a dad? What joy it must’ve brought! Immediately, you must’ve thought of buying the quirkiest of toys, cute baby clothes, and distributing sweets to friends and family. But the journey of fatherhood has its ups and downs. You’ll have some good days and some bad days; after all, you’re still learning. It’s an ongoing process, but there’s always a way to enhance your fatherly love. To know more, keep reading our article on how to be a good father. This read is perfect for all dads, whether first-timers, single dads, or dads who already have children!

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Fatherhood is a unique journey for all and taking things one at a time can help you deal with it better.

Spend Quality Time With Your Child 

Perhaps the most important gift you can give your child is your time. Your child values and cherishes the moments that you spend with them and they long for the time you reach home. Take them to the theater and watch the movie they always desired, or to a cricket/football game if your children share the same interest in sports as you. Outings don’t have to be the sole source of spending quality time. You can do fun, interesting activities with your child at home as well. Plan a movie night on the weekend, cook a meal together, build that Star Wars-themed lego, the possibilities are endless! Building a bond in your child’s formative years is necessary and you’ll want to do your best in providing sweet memories. 

Be Present For Your Child’s Accomplishments

A lot of stress has been given to the hustling lifestyle. Although it’s good to hustle and earn a living, don’t overdo it at the cost of missing or neglecting your child’s victories. Elocution competitions, science exhibitions, and sports events mean a lot to them. Just by being there, you’re being their source of support and strength and this can be a huge confidence booster to your child. If possible, try taking a day off from work when your child is participating in any event. You don’t want to miss those moments and live a life of regret afterward.  

Teach Your Child Basic Life Skills 

Teaching your child basic life skills is the best way to establish deeper bonds. When they’re a bit younger, you can teach them how to brush their teeth, tie their shoelaces, and fold their clothes. Once they come of age, teach them how to ride a bike, change a flat tire, and if you have boys, how to use the trimmer when they start getting facial growth. Of course, you can share the teaching with your co-parent, but from your end, teach your child whatever you know. This will help them to be better prepared for life. 

Upon successful completion of a task, praise them! Positive feedback goes a long way and it’ll help to build your child’s image. If they fumble on a particular task, don’t go harsh on them. Instead, provide constructive criticism and advise them where they could’ve done better in a gentle tone.

Communicate With Your Child

Make it a point to speak to your child as much as possible. School life can be stressful, and home is the one place where you’d want to share how your day went. You’d want to create such a space where your child is free to express their emotions, and feelings expressively. While they’re sharing, keep a keen ear on what they’re saying, and don’t do it just for the sake of it. They can immediately recognize if you’re faking it. 

However, if your child is in college, they might not want to discuss at length the details of their day. They prefer to keep some things private so don’t be forceful in knowing those details. Nevertheless, still, ask them about their day. When they’re comfortable, they’ll surely share accomplishments or if things are getting heavy in their life.  Along with physical health, you also need to pay attention to your child’s mental health.   

Be A Good Role Model 

Children learn indirectly, especially from the people who are the most closest and influential to them. If you want them to behave in a certain way, they need to learn it from you. For instance: if you want your child to respect and talk politely to others, then do the same when you’re speaking to the waiter. If you don’t want your child to be influenced by drinking or smoking, then refrain from doing those activities in front of them. Also, refrain from having arguments with your spouse in front of your child. If there’s something to be discussed, take your spouse to a different room and speak politely. Harsh arguments can have an impact on your child, so it’s best to have fewer of them.   

Take Some Time To Recharge            

Parenting is hard due to the number of responsibilities and tasks involved. It can indeed take a lot of mental and physical strain, so you need to take some time out for yourself. Time to relax, replenish, and just be still. Reading a book, going out for a jog, or just listening to some music can help to unwind all the stress and prepare you better to look after your child. 

Although you’ve to be there at all times, explain to your child why you need to take some time off during the day. Better, designate a corner of your room so that they know you haven’t to be disturbed – unless it’s necessary.

how to be a good father

Communicating and connecting with your child are some of the most important tips on how to be a good father.


Fatherhood is a process and there’s no map to navigate through it. No matter how many books you read, it always boils down to your instincts. We can only give you certain guidelines on how to be a good father and the rest is up to you to make of. All the best on this journey, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride. If you want something that’ll help you to document your child’s prescriptions and vaccinations, then try the ImmunifyMe app. For a small yearly subscription, you can book home vaccination appointments, doctor consultations, and even chart the growth progress of your child. We’re sure our app will make the process of fatherhood a bit easier. 

FAQs On How To Be A Good Father 

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Father?

We’ve listed some qualities based on what we’ve experienced or learned through this process called fatherhood. Some basic qualities of a good father will include:

  • Spending  enough quality time with the child 
  • Being present for the child’s accomplishments 
  • Teaching basic life skills 
  • Having effective communication 
  • Being good role models 

How Can I Be An Awesome Dad?

To appear “cool” in your child’s eyes just requires you to spend ample time with them. Have a listening ear, read stories to them, take them out for movies, and when things get tough, stand by them. Life is hard enough, so you’ll want to ease some of the sting by being the best version of yourself. Doing these things will surely get you a few points higher in their “awesomeness” charts. 

How Important Is A Father In A Child’s Life?

Fathers are their child’s first male role models. So, it’ll be certain that they’ll try their best to emulate their father’s behavioral patterns and actions. Children always aim to make their father proud, and a supportive father instills growth and self-confidence in them. Studies also prove that affectionate fathers have a deep impact on their child’s cognitive ability and social development. For all the to-be fathers out there, keep this pointer in mind.