A baby’s first photoshoot is one of those moments that every parent looks forward to capturing. Newborn photoshoots can be done at home or by a professional in a studio. No matter where a parent chooses, we will go over a few photoshoot ideas for the baby’s first time in front of the camera. 

Photos with Family

Some of the best newborn photos are those with mommy, daddy, or even siblings. Besides the usual family members holding the baby, you can also get the mom and dad cradling the baby together in both arms. Some moms also like showing their breastfeeding journey by having pictures of them feeding their newborns. 

Baby Hands and Feet

Capturing a baby’s tiny hands and feet is a great way to remember how little babies once were. You can get these images while the baby is simply lying in a supported basket, or the photographer can get the baby’s hands or feet in mommy or daddy’s hands. 

Baby Yawns or Baby Smiles For Baby’s First Photoshoot

Both baby yawns and smiles can be hard to capture, but with patience and ample time, a good photographer can capture both. The key is to be prepared in the quick seconds that one of the two happens. These precious memories are a must in your baby’s first photoshoot and have to be captured. 

Sleeping Baby

A sleeping baby can be one of the easiest to photoshoot. Once the baby is asleep, it can be easy to move them into certain positions gently. Some prefer babies wrapped in a neutral-colored or decorative swaddle, and others enjoy the naked baby. Parents can place babies upright on a fluffy blanket or their stomachs on a smooth cloth. 

Holding Fruits For Baby’s First Photoshoot

As soon as babies can move around independently, the first thing they do is place everything in their mouths as they explore around. Making your baby bite into bright colored fruits can perfectly capture this milestone and associated memories. Also, holding something as big as their face will add to the cuteness of the picture.  

Holiday Photos

Babies born around the holiday can have a holiday-themed photo shoot. If a child is born around Christmas, having the baby lying in a stocking or with a Christmas tree in the background is perfect. Winter month babies can have a Winter Wonderland, and those born in February can have Valentine’s Day photoshoot. If a baby is born during Spring, the parents can decorate the background with Spring flowers, or if they were born near Holi, there can be a lovely amalgamation of colors in the background or use color smoke bombs. Summer month born babies can have beach and pool themed photoshoots. 

Themes For Baby’s First Photoshoot

Themed photoshoots can be the perfect way to display a baby or family’s personality. There are hundreds of themes you can scroll through before finalizing your option. If a family loves travelling, they can have the baby with globes, passports, or photographers can use Dr Seuss’s book “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. For the sleeping baby, a moon and star themed are cute. Some other popular themes are sports, literature, and woodland creatures. 

Tips For A Photoshoot At Home

  1. Seek the best lighting. Firstly, make sure the lighting is natural and bright. The best lighting is outside under shade or inside near a window. 
  2. Find the perfect time. Babies sleep a lot, and the best time to capture them is while they are peacefully sleeping. Make sure you have plenty of time set aside to feed the baby and put the baby back to sleep if needed. 
  3. Less is more. It is nice to have a few props for the baby’s photoshoot, but parents want the baby to be the main point of focus, so try keeping extra props minimal. 
  4. Support the baby. Having a baby under a nice fluffy blanket is perfect for photoshoots, but parents want to ensure that their child is supported under the blanket. Support can be some form of a baby pillow or even another parent’s hands. 
  5. Shoot baby from above. Shooting from above is a perfect alternative if you cannot have a solid background.
  6. Use rattle toys to get the baby’s attention. If the child is older and awake, having a noisemaker will be the perfect way to get the baby’s attention to the camera. 


Ideally, when your baby is between 6-9 months is the best time for your baby’s first photoshoot. At this stage, they can sit independently and need less carrying around or holding. They also respond to people and anything happening around them, making capturing different emotions easy. However, whenever it works and is convenient for the couple is the best time.

With or without a photoshoot, here’s wishing your little one plenty of reasons to smile 🙂

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