When you become pregnant for the first time, you have millions of questions in mind to seek answers to. And what could be better than grabbing pregnancy books at this point? You are about to bring a new life into this world. It’s reasonable to seek knowledge on the subject because you feel excited about what’s coming next. Moreover, you are  anxious at the same time. The reason? Because it’s all going to happen for the very first time! No woman can just feel relaxed about ‘The Date’.

What Pregnancy Books to Read?

The immediate answer to that would be to grab any of the pregnancy books that you can catch hold of. But then, there are classics and the popular ones to choose from. We will be listing both ahead in the blog. Further, there are available pregnancy books online which can work as a saviour for you if you don’t want to spend much. Furthermore, many Indian women would prefer a pregnancy book in Hindi as it’s more relatable to them. So, you too, can opt for the same.

When it comes to what pregnancy books to read, the answer would be any that suits your interest. It’s good to accumulate as much information as possible before you eventually give birth to the child. Further, post baby-birth, you will hardly find any time to read!

Let’s first talk about some comprehensive books on pregnancy in Hindi. Later, we will explore books in English by Indian authors, and lastly, a few internationally renowned publications.

Pregnancy Books in Hindi

The two of the most popular writings in the Hindi language comprise – 1) Ayurvedic Garbh Sanskar by Balaji Tambe and 2) Garbhavastha – Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms. 

Let’s take a brief tour into these.

#1. Ayurvedic Garbh Sanskar by Balaji Tambe

From an Indian perspective, the book can be considered a gem. It’s divided into five chapters. The first chapter talks about planning for the pregnancy. The second educates on caring for the pregnant woman, what potential problems she can face during the early pregnancy phase, and the solutions. Not only that, it gives the overall nutrition requirement  to nurture the baby inside the womb. It also talks about the potential abnormalities in the baby, and the yoga asanas the mother should practice.

Fourth chapter introduces you to the care a new mother should receive post child-birth. The fifth chapter is all about baby care & nutrition.

#2. Garbhavastha – Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms

The book primarily constitutes expert opinions and Q & A (questions and answers) on pregnancy. It’s a comprehensive book that has answers to almost all the questions that you would ask of a gynaecologist.

Now, let’s move on to some excellent pregnancy books written by Indian authors in English.

Pregnancy Books in English by Indian Authors

#1. I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot by Lalita Iyer

It would be one of the top recommendations to Indian to-be mommies. The Indian perspective makes it all the more relevant. The information furnished inside is based entirely on the author’s experience of delivering a baby. The bonus is the light tone the book follows, which eventually helps relax an expecting mother.

#2. Passport to A Healthy Pregnancy by Dr. Gita Arjun

They say you must take advice from an obstetrician or a gynaecologist when you first notice the signs of pregnancy. It’s a thorough book on pregnancy that encapsulates everything, from preconception to newborn’s care. The diet & nutritional information provided for pregnant females in the book is remarkable.

#3. Pregnancy Blues: What Every Woman Needs to Know about Depression during Pregnancy

Many women dwell into a phase of anxiety, overthinking about the labor and child-birth process. This adversely affects their mental health, which can prove detrimental to the unborn child’s physical health. The book briefs on how to keep happy and not go into a state of depression. The book becomes furthermore relevant, as women are known to show symptoms of depression during pregnancy.

Apart from the above mentioned list there are few international publications that have  got recognized all over the world.

Top International Publications on Pregnancy

#1. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!

If you are specifically seeking those kind of pregnancy books to read that are considered a ‘quick-read’, this one’s for you. It will be a ‘cut-to-the-chase’ read that will give you quick insights into a plethora of pregnancy-related issues. These comprise symptoms of pregnancy, the ‘to-be’ mother’s changing body, and foetus development.

#2. Strong as a Mother: How to Stay Healthy, Happy and Sane from Pregnancy to Parenthood – by Kate Rope

A must-read for all expecting mothers, the book talks in-depth about the emotional upheaval a woman experiences during pregnancy. You will get some of the best non-judgemental advice from psychologists, medical experts, and experienced moms on vital aspects of pregnancy. These would constitute early-pregnancy depression & anxiety, struggle with bodily changes, and feeling of guilt.

#3. C-Section: How to Avoid, Prepare for and Recover from your Cesarean by Dr. Mark Zakowski

This book is targeted at women set to have a C-section surgery. Or, those left with the only option of Caesarean to give birth to their child. Feeling a sense of anxiety is quite natural when it comes to C-section surgery, and the book addresses precisely that. The book doesn’t talk for or against the C-section procedure, but truly acknowledges the utility of the same. It is specifically helpful to those left with this only option.

As an expecting mother, you would get to learn a lot about the Caesarean section. Maybe you don’t need it this time, but who knows, in the future, you might! The book will thoroughly educate you on how to limit your chances of going into a C-section procedure. And in case, you are forced to have it, you would know what to expect out of it. Preparing for the procedure, recovery from it, and making you feel less nervous – these are the three goals the book pursues.

Key Takeaway

Pregnancy is a unique phase in every woman’s life, and it must be enjoyed rather than whining about it. You are going to become a mom for the very first time. This time is not going to come back. Make the most out of it, and do take some time out to read. It’s certainly going to help, during pregnancy, and post child-birth. We wish you all the luck for ‘the day’, and lastly, happy reading!