The incidents related to five doctors in Chamarajanagar being tested positive for SARS-CoV2 virus hardly 12 days after they received the first dose of vaccination, have created a huge fuss among people related to the efficacy and efficiency of the COVID-19  vaccine itself. 

Five out of these seven doctors, who tested positive during the course of the last four days, took their first dose of vaccination around a week ago. This was confirmed by the health officials. While three of the doctors received a shot of Covaxin, the other two had received Serum Institute of India’s Covishield.

The District Health Officer of Chamarajanagar, M.C. Ravi, nonetheless, said that the vaccine takes somewhat around four to six weeks to ultimately develop the antibodies. He also said that these doctors might have got the vaccination when the virus was in its incubation period. He added that few of them had shown symptoms the succeeding day. Whereas, others showed symptoms after a span of two or three days. 

There are two possible chances that might have lead to the infection:

  1. The doctors could have been asymptomatic carriers, as stated by a member of the state’s technical COVID-19 committee, thereby manifesting symptoms a few days later. 
  2. Or, they because they didn’t follow COVID-19 precautions well enough.

“The second COVID-19 vaccine dose is given 28 days after the first. Immunogenicity develops in a vaccinated person 42 days after the first dose or 14 days after the second.” says Dr. V. Ravi, pointing out that a 100% protection is provided by no vaccine.

Not only in India, positive cases after getting the vaccine dose were seen in three Congress members in the U.S. They are a nurse in California, Rick Pitino, a Hall of Fame basketball coach, to name a few.

Can getting the vaccine cause COVID-19?

Experts say that there are a few ways in which you could test positive even after getting the dose of vaccination. There is also a particular time between getting your first dose of vaccine and once your body starts to build immunity against it. 

Officials indicate that nothing is wrong with the vaccines doses or in their administration. Why?

Here are a few reasons why:
1) There is nothing like “Instantly working vaccines.” It usually takes some weeks for our body to perform the “immunity build up” post dose.
2) They don’t work retroactively. One can already have the infection before getting the dose and not be aware of it. This can happen even if the test has recently shown negative. Moreover, this infection might continue to develop even after one has already got the shot. This is why it results in the test being positive.
3) Vaccination prevents illness, however they may or may not prevent infection.
4) Even the greatest vaccines don’t prove perfection. The efficacy rates for many vaccines are exceptionally high, but still they aren’t 100%.  
Vaccines keep you shielded. They are completely safe!

Vaccines keep you shielded. They are completely safe!

What is the current status of vaccinations in India?

As of 2nd Feb, India has recorded 11,000 new Covid-19 cases. The final number of active cases in India has finally fallen to 161,865. At the same time, the total cases tally stands at 10,778,206. Our country continues to be the second-most-affected country globally. It ranks 17th among the worst-hit nations in terms of active cases.

The increasing number of healthcare workers presently who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 has cut across 4.1 million today, as per the Union health ministry.

Administration of Covid-19 vaccines in India to the frontline workers has started. World’s largest vaccination drive enters a very crucial second phase. There are two crore frontline workers who will receive the Covid-19 vaccines.


When we see the number of people being vaccinated, and the efficacy of it, there is no doubt that the vaccine doses are safe and effective. They cannot cause coronavirus and helps you to build up the antibodies to fight against it.