Almost one-third of the world’s population has forgotten the commonest lesson, which their parents taught them – washing hands!

Despite having manifold health benefits, this basic yet crucial habit has been neglected to quite a great extent. The importance of hand washing is paramount, especially when it comes to preventing germs or bacteria in their tracks. If done impeccably and religiously, the habit of washing your hands will help you prevent a plethora of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, etc. However, the biggest problem is that even with an endless amount of information out there on the importance of hand-washing, figuring out where to begin could be a bit challenging. Here is some insight into how simple hand washing can change your life.

The Importance Of Hand Washing

Prevent Respiratory Illness

By washing your hands properly, you can keep the risks of respiratory illness at bay. Catching a cold or suffering from the seasonal flu is no big deal, but you may double up their severity by spreading the germs with your unwashed hands. The common cold, adenovirus,  influenza, etc. are those respiratory diseases, which you may develop by not washing your hands. Regular practice of washing hands can minimize this risk to a great extent.

Lower The Risk Of Diarrhea 
Surprisingly, diseases like diarrhea can strike easily among those who avoid washing their hands. Cleaning your hands after you go to the washroom is an important act of maintaining your hand hygiene. Different viruses and bacteria from feces may trigger a number of diarrhea-related issues including norovirus, salmonella and cholera etc. By washing your hands properly, you can easily keep these health hazards at bay.

Say No To Food Poisoning 
The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most germ-laden corners of your habitat. Foods such as vegetables, eggs, or raw meats smeared with invisible germs and dirt are potential enough to harbor harmful bacteria that can inflict some serious health hazards upon you. By not warding them off completely, you may put your close ones’ health at stake as well. The importance of hand washing before cooking is severely underrated. Hence, it’s advisable that you should wash your hands properly before you cook or serve food to your loved ones.

Stop Infecting Others  
You cannot touch everything around you with your unwashed hands! You can’t just touch your toddler’s feeding bottle right after touching your eyes or scratching your head. By doing this, you will put your little one at the dangerous risk of picking up your own germs. It’s not just the feeding bottle, but everything you touch should not be contaminated by the germs you are fostering, albeit unknowingly by leaving your hands unwashed.

importance of hand washingDirty hands could potentially infect your little ones and the elderly members of your family. The infants and elderly have weaker immune systems and they tend to be more susceptible to germs and infections and you will inevitably contaminate the food they eat and put their health at stake. To protect your loved ones, especially the toddlers and elderly members of your family, you should be more vigilant about keeping your hands clean with water, hand-soaps, etc. 

So, you ought to wash your hands 
You are living under a rock if you are of the opinion that you should wash your hands only before eating or after using a washroom! Rather, it’s essential to keep them squeaky-clean after almost everything you do – sneezing, coughing, changing diapers, cleaning dirty corners, cuddling your furry companion while preparing food, using a handkerchief, and the list just goes on. Even if you use gloves as a safety barrier, you can’t undermine the importance of hand washing.

Ideally, you should wash your hands with lukewarm water, as it’s more effective in eliminating germs. Use a mild hand-soap, which also claims to moisturize your skin. Once your hands are perfectly lathered up, you should invest at least 30 seconds to wash them off nicely. Make sure to cover every surface – the sides, fronts and back portions of your hands and fingers. Don’t overlook the spaces between your fingers and most importantly the fingernails. By washing your hands thoroughly, you can significantly minimize the transmission of germs, bacteria and infections.
So, from next time onward, keep these aforementioned pointers in mind every time you feel lethargic about washing your hands.
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Written by: Tania Ghosh has 4+ years of experience as a professional content writer. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature. With a mélange of a creative mind, an eye for perfection and ample experience in the field of digital content writing, she has capacitated herself to communicate through wordplay. As a senior content connoisseur, she has worked on composing a wide repertoire of write-ups including, articles, blogs, web content, press releases, classified ads, social media contents, and the likes. She has had exposure to compose contents on diverse domains such as Healthcare, Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, Travel, Product Description, and the likes.