It’s all set, Mommy-to-be. Cheers to you for coming to the third trimester. Give yourself some credit for that!

Just three more months to go, and finally, the day will arrive, the day you have waited for so long. You might be going through several ups and downs, the turmoil of emotions, etc. But, remember all of them is worth it considering that you will meet your little one soon!

Symptoms During The Third Trimester 

You will become an insomniac because of all the backaches, heartburn, and leg cramps. Problems of high blood pressure may become common. Your vision may become blurry due to your eyes being dry. Becoming a bit gassier at this stage is also expected, along with constipation. It’s the time when the nervousness revolving around labour and birth can also take over your thoughts.

Just a moment, time to recreate 3 Idiots scene. Whisper ‘All Is Well’ to your baby bump and experience some kicks and punches. Due to this, urine leaks may also happen sometimes. Also, constant hunger is a positive sign that your baby is consuming a good amount of nutrients from what you eat.

Skin rashes, dryness, itching are all common. It would be time for mood swings and morning sickness to return as the 30th week passes. Your balance will be a little unstable by now as joints are looser and ligaments laxer. Being more forgetful is another typical sign resulting from shrinking brain-cell volume in the third trimester. Swelling belly may become itchier, and the expanding breast may start releasing yellow fluid, the precursor to breast milk. The last few weeks may spike up hormonal activities.

Anxiety being all-time high, shortness of breath, nails getting brittle, etc., are other common symptoms. Low blood pressure can make you feel dizzy in the last few days. Coughing, sneezing, laughing can be scary due to lack of bladder control. You can observe a thick yellow discharge tinged with blood as a sign that your mucous pluck is fading. It might happen weeks, days or hours before labour begins. Feeling blue is expected during the last weeks of your pregnancy. With all that, don’t forget to check on these red flags.

Development Episodes During The Third Trimester 

Your baby has discovered thumb sucking recently and is enjoying it a lot, which is very beneficial. They may have started responding to tastes. Blinking eyes has begun, and they might also respond to light coming from outside. Lungs are already mature. Brain development is in process. Muscles continue to mature, and blood development gains momentum. Your baby starts resembling a newborn by 31st-32nd week. Your baby’s activity may reduce in the last month as they have begun having 20-40 min sleep cycles by now. The immune system is fully developed by the end of the eighth month. And your baby has put on the necessary weight in the last few days.


Continue watching your food and exercise routine and maintain good dental care. Stay hydrated (drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day). It’s the best time to go for a 3D or 4D ultrasound. Along with it, schedule a breast test for examining lumps, etc. For the last 6-7 months, you might need some big new shoes. Keep visiting your gynecologist for regular checkups, tests, ultrasounds, etc.

Visit your gynecologist for regular checkups

Visit your gynecologist for regular checkups

And yes! It’s time to know the signs of labour and hosting a baby shower. Keep yourself engaged in things you love to do. Finish off your baby’s initials’ shopping and get yourself a breast pump too. Have an action plan ready in your mind of whom to call and where to go whenever the pain starts.

Extra Tips

  • Stock up on your iron, vitamins and other supplements. Maintain a healthy diet routine.
  • Remember to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Although it will be difficult, continue practicing sitting in good posture.
  • Eating at least two hours before going to bed will help combat heartburns to some extent.
  • Make efficient and maximum use of pillows to provide you comfort.
  • Start taking things easy and be more careful in the last phase.
  • If you experience occasional headaches, try being in a quiet, dark room for some time. It may help.
  • Don’t fret over the stretch marks, as they are a symbol of a beautiful being growing inside you.
  • It’s the best time to pamper yourself with a hot shower, listen to your favourite music, etc.
  • Avoid travelling in this last month.
  • Pre-register at the hospital so you can have an easy check-in.


Any minute now! It’s time to pack your hospital bags. Don’t lose your sleep being impatient. Instead, utilize the time to rest. With your baby due any minute, the best thing to do is to kick back and relax. Just a few more moments, and you will get to hold the little person residing in you right now.