As exciting as parenthood can seem, it comes with several challenges and responsibilities. Whether you’re a widow, divorced or unmarried, the journey of parenthood can be harder for you as a single mom. You might find yourself on a rollercoaster ride as you tackle your work, finances, household chores, nursing yourself and your little one, and so much more. It might feel overwhelming at first. But if you use all your grit and grace, it’s going to turn into a memorable experience for you. Here are some of our tips for being a single mom so that you can raise a healthy and happy child. 

1. Prioritize Self-Care And Seek Help From Your Loved Ones 

As a single mom, you’ll have the sole responsibility of taking care of so many things altogether. That’s why raising a child under such circumstances can get really difficult. It’s easy to get carried away with the different responsibilities on your shoulders and forget about yourself. But you have to remember that your child will be happy and taken care of if you’re happy.

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Don’t shy away from seeking help from loved ones when you need some time for self-care. You need that to be able to better care for your child.

So, make sure that you don’t isolate yourself from others. Whenever you get stuck at work or find yourself juggling through emotions, you can always rely on your close friends and family members. You can ask them to babysit your child while you rest or tackle other important things. 

2. Always Stock Up On Supplies 

It’s good for single moms to have everything you need at a hand’s distance. After all, nobody wants to go hunt for any meds or toiletries in the middle of the night during an emergency. And if your child is a baby or a toddler, it’s going to be even more difficult for you to get things during odd times. That’s why it’s best if you stock up supplies in your home. 

Right from all of your household items, toiletries, diapers to baby food, you never know when you’ll be running short of anything. We suggest you make a monthly list of all the items you’ll be needing. That way you’ll have all your things stocked up at home for a month. Plus, you won’t have to worry about knocking on your neighbor’s door for anything. If you’re keen on planning your finances smartly, you can keep a track of any sales at a grocery store or supermarket near your home

3. Explore Different Childcare Options 

One of the tips for being a single mom is considering different childcare options. The thought of somebody else looking after your child can be really difficult for new moms especially if you’re a first-time parent. You won’t always be able to manage your work and take care of your child at the same time. And, you surely don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to rush out for work but can’t leave your child alone at home! 

That’s why you can consider exploring certain child care facilities that can provide a safe environment for your child. Otherwise, there’s always the option of hiring a nanny. Look for someone on whom you can rely when you are caught up with something outside of your home. 

4. Be Patient 

This is among the most important tips for being a single mom. It’s natural for you to think that you need to work twice as hard as other parents to make sure your child is nursed properly. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to compare yourself with other parents. Remember that every family has its own challenges and difficulties. If you’re willing to give your child the care they deserve, then you must learn to be patient with everything. Along with taking care of your child’s meals, see to it that you too eat properly, exercise and get yourself enough sleep

Your home won’t always be clean and you may not get time to wash the dishes every single night. That’s why it’s important that you set realistic goals and be patient with every responsibility you deal with. As a single mother, your health and well-being are equally important. So be patient and celebrate every single moment you spend with your child. After all, we all learn through our own experiences and challenges. 

5. Keep A Track Of Important Records Online 

Whether it’s noting down meal times for your child or organizing the doctor’s prescriptions, you never know what you’ll need when. And if you’ve been penning these things down in a file or a notebook, there are chances that you may lose your important documents. That’s why it’s best if you go digital and use online tools and apps to keep a track of your child’s important records

To help you keep a digital copy of your child’s vaccination records, our ImmunifyMe app will make things much easier for you. If you ever find yourself in need of an immediate appointment with a pediatrician, you can consult one using our app. You can do so while being safe inside your home. The best thing is that you get a digital prescription which you can store using our app along with other important records concerning your child.

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Being a single mom could be overwhelming at times. Taking things one at a time and seeking help from others can help you in the journey ahead.


It can get difficult for you to take some time out for yourself being a single mom. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the care and love you give your child. You can ask your family member or close friend to help you watch over your child while you get yourself some rest. Do things that you like. It can be a long nap that you’ve been yearning for since the time you’ve given birth. Or it can also be something as simple as reading a book. Just make sure that you’re happy, because a happy mom makes for a happy kid

FAQs On Tips For Being A Single Mom 

How Can I Survive As A Single Mother? 

Here’s what you can do to survive as a single mother:

  • Prioritize self-care and seek help from your loved ones
  • Always stock up on supplies
  • Explore different childcare options
  • Be patient 
  • Keep a track of important records online 

How Do Single Moms Survive Financially? 

One of the best things that helps single moms survive financially is planning a budget for their monthly or yearly expenses. Setting short-term financial goals and putting bills on autopay can also help. Other than that, taking advantage of tax breaks and government programs can help you survive financially.

How Can A Single Mom Make Life Easier? 

A single mom can make her life easier by planning a budget for herself and her child and sticking to a routine. Using online tools and apps for keeping important records will help make life easier for her as a single parent. 

What Do Single Moms Need? 

Single moms need to take some time out for themselves and prioritize their health along with their children. They need to socialize with their friends and family, eat properly, exercise, and get enough sleep. In case you feel overwhelmed or stressed about your roles and responsibilities being a single mom, go ahead and consult a professional counselor who can help you deal with it.