As parents, there are tons of responsibilities you have to take care of. Right from your child’s nutrition to sleeping schedules, you have to take care of everything. It’s important that you start inculcating healthy habits in your kids from an early age. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy for kids to get swayed away by smartphones, unhealthy food, etc. That’s why habits inculcated in kids at an early age can help them grow happy and healthy. Let’s not forget that practicing healthy habits will keep your kids away from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, etc. Here are some of our tips on creating a healthy lifestyle for kids.

Start The Day With A Healthy Breakfast

One of the best ways in helping your kids live a healthy lifestyle is to make them follow a routine for everything. Whether it’s their school work, playtime, food, or sleep, sticking to a routine will help them keep a balance in life. Speaking of following a routine, a healthy breakfast should be a part of your child’s everyday routine. Do keep in mind that making your child follow a routine for meals will help them follow it as they grow older.

healthy lifestyle for kids, snack ideas for toddlers

One way of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for kids is by giving them the right nutrition.

You can include foods rich in fiber like avocados, whole grains, dry fruits, etc. in your child’s breakfast menu. These foods that are high in fiber content reduce the chances of diabetes and heart problems in later life. One of the many advantages of having a healthy breakfast is that it reduces the risk of obesity. That’s because your child will avoid any unhealthy snacks after eating a healthy breakfast. 

Involve Your Kids In The Preparation Of Meals

When you involve your children in the preparation of meals, they are more likely to relish and enjoy them. That’s one of the best ways to get them to eat healthy foods. You can involve your child in simple tasks like setting up the dinner table, rinsing vegetables, or picking out fruits and vegetables when grocery shopping. That way they’ll learn a thing or two about the benefits of having healthy food. 

If you have a younger child, you can involve them in small tasks like stirring the curry, adding ingredients, or tasting the food. This will help them in building positive associations with the food you prepare. Older children can be given tasks like chopping vegetables or even helping you make any recipe they like. When you involve your children in the cooking process, they will be less fussy eaters

Enjoy Meals Together As A Family

We want to remind you that children often imitate their parents. So, as parents, it’s important that you practice what you preach. If you want your kids to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to practice healthy habits as well. One of the best things to do is make your mealtimes pleasant and enjoyable. And there surely isn’t anything better than family meals! Do keep in mind that eating together will also help strengthen your family bonding. Your kids are less likely to be stressed when having meals with family than eating alone. 

Another advantage of eating together as a family is that you get to know about everyone’s portion sizes. When your children see you eat healthy foods, they will also be motivated to follow you. Also, make sure that your family mealtimes are more like bonding sessions rather than having arguments. Any kind of negative conversation during family meals will cause your child a lot of stress. As a result, your child tends to eat food faster and will not chew the food properly. So, see to it that your family meals are more like the entire family’s commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Keep A Healthy Snack Ready

Children often tend to eat whatever is at hand. So if your house is stocked up with unhealthy food items like chips, candies, sugary cereal, soda, etc. your child will most likely consume them when hungry. That’s why it’s important that you have a snack shelf or a snack table ready in your house. It’s okay if your child wants to feast on some snacks between meals, but you have to ensure that the snacks they eat are nutritious and healthy. 

Some of the best things to give your child in between meals are dry fruits. Dry fruits are rich in proteins, fiber, and vitamins. They also prove to be a healthy alternative for snacks. Otherwise, fruits like apples and oranges are a great alternative to other carb-heavy snacks that your child consumes. You can keep a bowl of fruits ready on a table or on a shelf that is easily accessible for your child. That way you’re not just fulfilling your child’s cravings but also inculcating healthy eating habits. 

Engage Your Kids In Fun Physical Activities

Physical activity should be an important part of your child’s everyday routine. As parents, you can encourage your child to engage in fun physical activities. It can be something as simple as going for a walk before and after meals. Otherwise, you can motivate your child to participate in sports activities in school. Make sure that your child spends less time on the screen and uses it in engaging in physical activities. 

Instead of playing on a smartphone, you can ask your child to play outdoors with other children. Don’t forget that along with a healthy diet, playtime is equally important when building a healthy lifestyle for kids. You can help strengthen your child’s muscles and bones by helping them indulge in physical activities like walking, cycling, running, etc. Remember, along with good nutrition, exercise plays a key role in your child’s overall development. You can also join your child in physical activities. After all, parents can be great role models for their children.

creating a healthy lifestyle for kids, healthy lifestyle

By following a healthy lifestyle yourself, you can inculcate healthy habits in your kids too.


These were some of the tips on creating a healthy lifestyle for kids. If you want a diet plan for your kids to prevent obesity and encourage a healthy lifestyle, you can consult a pediatrician. Don’t forget that starting healthy habits at a younger age will aid in your child’s growth and development. Speaking of living a healthy lifestyle, your child’s vaccination and immunization surely can’t be forgotten. You can keep your child’s digitized vaccination records on our ImmunifyMe app.

FAQs On Creating A Healthy Lifestyle For Kids

How Do You Teach Children About A Healthy Lifestyle?

Here’s what you can do to teach children about a healthy lifestyle:

  • Start the day with a healthy breakfast
  • Involve your kids in the preparation of meals
  • Enjoy meals together as a family
  • Keep a healthy snack ready
  • Engage your kids in fun physical activities

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle For A Kid? 

You should include whole grains, oats, proteins, and vitamins in your child’s diet. If you want a healthy lifestyle for kids, you should encourage them to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits like avocados, etc.

What Are The 3 Tips To Create A Healthier Lifestyle?

Here are the 3 tips to create a healthier lifestyle:

  • Have a balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Drink lots of water

 How Can I Improve My Child’s Health?

Here’s how you can improve your child’s health:

  • Make your child follow a routine for meals, schoolwork, playtime, and sleep
  • Encourage your child in eating healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables
  • Communicate with your child every day
  • Keep a track of your child’s vaccination and immunization