Medical events are a great place to explore the happenings of the medical space. You’re in the know of trends, policies, and innovations that can broaden your knowledge and encourage healthy discussions. If you haven’t attended one, well, it’s high time you should. Innumerable events are happening but we’ve curated the ones that cover nearly all aspects. From expos to research conferences, here is our pick for some upcoming medical events in India 2022 you should visit.

PharmaTech & LabTech Expo 

  • When: 27-29 Jan (12th edition), 28-30 April (13th edition)  
  • Where: Ahmedabad (12th edition), Chandigarh (13th edition) 

If you’re interested in technological innovations that have taken treatments to another level, then block those upcoming dates in your calendar. Regarded as one of India’s largest pharma exhibitions, this event is a one-stop place for outsourcing pharma products, machinery, and technological achievements to major buyers. These include India, China, the USA, and Germany. With so much happening, you’ll indeed have better exposure to the business side of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. 

Upon reaching the exhibition, you’ll find the special pavilion where stalls of nutraceuticals, cosmetics, ayurvedic products, APIs, and chemicals are showcased. In addition, the “innovation gallery” is where new innovative products from the special pavilion are displayed. Considering the growth of tech-based medical devices, this is one of those must-attend upcoming medical events in India.

There are many pros to attending this expo: 

  • You’ll get face-to-face interaction which means communicating ideas and concepts becomes easier 
  • Discover novel technologies and better cost-efficient solutions 
  • Develop a network of peers, and have a connection with suppliers
  • You’ll stay up-to-date with the happenings of the healthcare industry 

Research International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Science (RICMMHS)

  • When: 11 Jan – 12 Jan 2022 
  • Where: Gurugram

Paper submission deadline: 24 Dec 2021

Last date of registration: 28 Dec 2021

If you’re into academic research and looking to present novel perspectives to the canon of the medical field, then you should try to attend this research conference. However, entrance is not restricted to solely students. From academicians to exhibitors, this conference is for anyone with a keen interest to discuss current trends and challenges in the medical field. You’ll also have multiple keynote speakers covering various medical subjects. This means that the chances of your area of research not being discussed are slim!

Here are more reasons why you should attend this conference: 

  • Firstly, you get to develop a network of peers having the same interest 
  • Secondly, there is a discourse of ideas, trends, and the future of medicine in a healthy, systematic manner 
  • Next, you get to interact with keynote speakers for a broader understanding and perspectives of all things medical 
  • Lastly, you get the opportunity to publish research in relevant Scopus Indexed journals

42nd Annual National Conference Of Association Of Medical Physicists Of India (AMPICON 2021)

  • When: 7-9 Jan 2022
  • Where: Bangalore 

This Annual Conference is organized by Healthcare Global Enterprises, and KC-AMPI (Association of Medical Physicists of India, Karnataka Chapter). This year’s meet has a lot in store for those interested in the field of medical physics. The committee of AMPICON has centered the theme of the conference on “Artificial Intelligence – An Emerging Trend in Medical Physics.” Since artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly implemented in medical physics, the conference will cover its scope, applications, and usage in personalized treatment.

upcoming medical events in India 2022, medical events

Attending the upcoming medical events in India will give healthcare workers a chance to make more advancements in the medical field.

National Conference of Family Medicine and Primary Care 

  • When: 11–13 Feb 2022 
  • Where: Hyderabad

This conference aims to discuss various issues impeding the growth of family medicine and primary care. Also, debates on public health standards, policy frameworks, teaching, and curricula will be touched upon. This is a great event to hear opinions, experiences, and research findings of various doctors concerning the betterment of primary health care and the future of family medicine. 

India Med Expo 

  • When: 4 – 6 Feb (15th edition) 18 – 20 Nov (16th edition) 
  • Where: Jaipur (15th edition), Hyderabad (16th edition) 

You must visit the India Med Expo for all your hospital and diagnostic lab needs! It’s one of India’s biggest medical exhibitions aiming to cover all medical demands of the private and public sector healthcare industries. Additionally, it also provides a space for major healthcare giants to collaborate and learn.


  • When: 11-13 Feb, 24 – 25 Sept, June 2022 
  • Where: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune 

For our readers who are dentists or who are just touching the waters of dentistry, Famdent is one event you don’t want to miss. After all, it is India’s premier conference and trade show for progressive clinical dentistry. From exhibitions showcasing the latest in dental technology to conferences, seminars, and hands-on workshops, Famdent will spoil you for dental choice. Not only can you interact with trade exhibitors, but also forge new relationships. Who knows, a simple conversation could elevate your practice to the next level.

Some Other Upcoming Medical Events in India 2022 To Keep An Eye Out For 

Event  Place  Date 
ISCCM-28th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine Ahmedabad 16 – 20 Feb 2022 
77th Annual Conference of The Association of Physicians of India Jaipur 10 – 13 March 2022 
Medical Fair India Mumbai  7 – 9 April 2022


We hope you’re satisfied with our list of upcoming medical events in India 2022. With such variety covering so many medical domains, selecting one that best suits you won’t be difficult. Since these events touch mainly on technological advancement in the medical field, try our ImmunifyMe app. For doctors, it’s a great way to keep track of health records, and store transactions in our e-wallet. For parents, a great way to book doctor appointments for their children, and keep track of vaccination reminders.      

FAQs On Upcoming Medical Events In India 2022

What Do You Mean By Medical Exhibition? 

A medical exhibition is an event of sorts where healthcare companies showcase trending technologies and products used in the medical field. From a business perspective, it’s a space where companies collaborate and discuss business ideas. Also, it’s a great place to participate in workshops and be up to speed about the latest methods of treatment. 

Why Do Doctors Go To Conferences?

Medical conferences are seen as spaces where medical peers exchange ideas and knowledge on a more personal level. Paper presentations are an important aspect of these conferences since they open up discussions and debates over certain areas. This exchange of information and ideas brings in the scope for the improvement of the medical field.

What Do You Do At A Medical Conference? 

At a medical conference, you: 

  • Connect and network with fellow medical peers 
  • Keep in touch with the latest trends 
  • Pen down information that’ll help in your medical practice 
  • Communicate with company representatives