The Journey

Journey of ImmunifyMe is something that we are all proud of. It has been filled with challenges, struggles, a lot of courage, failures and yes, success too.

We started off in 2017 as a team of ambitious individuals who wanted to create a difference in people's lives. So, we created a Facebook page aimed at educating people about the benefits of immunization and how it helps in saving a significant amount of spending that we make every year on healthcare.

The ideas kept developing and we finally built our product ImmunifyMe. Initially, our only motto was to eliminate the age-old practice of paper-based vaccination record keeping, and replace it with our cloud-based technology where you can store every single detail of your vaccination without ever worrying about losing it. To promote vaccinations, we also incorporated a "reminder facility" for our users so that they never forget to turn up at the nearest vaccination centre.

Now, we moved forward, with complete trust in our product, looking for 'believers'. We had to run from pillar to post for about six months to finally find our first believer - Startup Chile - back in 2017.

The government of Chile runs a yearly program where it issues grants to 100 startups that have the potential to create a difference in society. We were fortunate enough to get this grant as it not only allowed us to test run our product in collaboration with the Chilean government but also helped us scale our product to new heights.

Our most prestigious recognition also came in the same year when Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) invited us for their INFUSE initiative. INFUSE stands for Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation. Under this program, Gavi forms a panel every year that finds out innovative technologies and approaches around the world that have the potential to improve vaccine delivery, which has been stuck at 80 percent for several years now.

Gavi includes some selected businesses and innovators into its INFUSE community to help them in collaborating on ways to improve and scale up their innovations.

The year 2018 became more special when we made it to the top 10 finalists at the World Health Summit Startup Award. A total of 60 companies from 19 different countries participated in the event.

StartUs insights in recognized ImmunifyMe among the Top 5 Vaccine management products 2021, among the 102 vaccine management startups analyzed globally. StartUs Insights is a global innovation intelligence organization mapping the global trends of innovation, emerging companies and new generation technologies.

We are delighted to be recognized for our global digital healthcare space efforts and are looking to reduce the long-standing immunization gap.

Our most lucrative year came back in 2018, and it started with the Global Impact Top Performer Award at Startup Thailand. Startup Thailand has been specially formed to support the Thai government, through promoting startups under the policy of the National Startup Committee (NSC), which is managed by seven organizations of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Our next laurel came in 2018 when we got our second grant from the government of Luxembourg, under their program "Luxinnovation Fit 4 Start". This is a government-run program to promote startups after analysing their idea and potential to create a difference. A total of 226 startups applied for the grant and we were among the final 15 that got it.

Financial Times and International Finance Corporation selected 35 finalists out of 270 entries in 2019 for their prestigious Transformational Business Awards. This is a premier global program that gives recognition to the private sector startups that are contributing towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We were fortunate enough to bag the award in the Transformational Solutions in Health, Wellness and Disease Prevention category.

partnership with "the best in the business"

Our continuous efforts for filling the immunisation gap in the country landed us in a partnership with the Serum Institute of India (SII). This companionship has only been blooming under the remarkable leadership of SII Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adar Poonawalla , who has been nothing short of a guiding light in our crusade against anti-vaxxers.

Team that Makes it All Possible


card image

Neeraj Mehta

CEO & Founder

card image

Nadeera Nilupamali

Co founder & VP Product

card image

Sudheera Lakmal

Co founder & CTO

Business Development

card image

Saurabh Pal

Zonal Sales Manager

card image

Mukesh Ranjan Tiwari

Sales Manager

card image

Renuka Sharma

Business Development Executive


card image

Iti Upreti

Marketing Manager

card image

Shubhanshu Sharma

Content Lead

card image

Himani Matta

Senior Executive - Social Media Marketing

card image

Shivani Rawat

Assistant Manager - Social Media Marketing

card image

Yogesh Sharma

Sr. Graphic Designer

card image


UI/UX Designer

card image

Harshita Arya

Content Writer

Human Rosource
card image

Pallavi Bharti


Wellness Team
card image

Deepali Choudhary


card image

Rahul Singh

Accounts Executive

Tech Team

card image

Chamila Madushani

Senior Quality Assurance lead

card image

Isuri Liyanage

Trainee Quality Assurance Engineer

card image

Gallage Thevin Malaka Perera

Software Engineer

card image

Nilakshi Sewwandi

Software Quality Engineer

card image

Devaka Lakpriya Dabare

Software Engineer

card image

Rajitha Disanayaka

Associate Software Engineer

card image

Kalana Hettiarachchi

Associate Software Engineer

card image

Tilanga Pramith

Software Engineer

card image

Tharindu Pramodya

System Administrator Intern

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