How to get pregnant faster? This is the question almost every married couple wants an answer for. So, here we are with a seven-step guide to help you in getting the desired results.

Well, if you are willing to start a family, you obviously understand that there is a certain amount of time required to have your own baby. However, there are some particular ways which can enhance your possibility of conceiving, and make the process swift.

Discussed below are some doctor-recommended ways of getting pregnant faster. Have a look –

Have a preconception checkup

Right before you start trying to conceive, you should take a proper checkup. Based on your results, your gynaecologist may suggest you some prenatal folic-acid rich vitamins to rule out the possibility of birth defects, like spina bifida [3].

Folic acid plays a key role during the initial stages of pregnancy. Hence, it is very important to ensure that you are taking sufficient amounts of folic acid even before conceiving.

Folic acid consumption must begin a cycle before you start trying. Moreover, it is also very important to undergo a pre-pregnancy checkup to identify if you have any medical condition.

Understand your cycle to get pregnant faster

The doctors recommend keeping a close tab on your menstrual cycle, as timing plays a key role in conceiving. It helps you know at what time of the month you are going to be the most fertile. As per the experts, ovulation time is your best opportunity to get pregnant.

Tracking your cycle also helps in understanding the signs of ovulation, which include a change in the cervical mucus. It generally gets slippery and thin when you are at the peak of your fertility during the month.

Using an ovulation prediction kit to know when is your best time to get pregnant.

Women having a 28-day cycle generally ovulate on the 14th day, but there are some women who have a longer or shorter cycle. Hence, casting a wider net can be of great help.

There has been a misconception that you have to wait for a certain amount of time before starting to try getting pregnant. The studies have proven that you can start trying right after stopping birth control measures [1]

Are there any positions to get pregnant faster?

There are many myths about the best sex positions to get pregnant faster. However, none of them has any scientific proof to back their authenticity. Having said that, some gravity-defying positions, like standing or sitting during sex, which may stop sperm from travelling upstream.

As per the experts, it is very rare when a woman’s cervix is in an unusual position where any position would create a difference.

Don’t get out of bed soon after intercourse

You might have heard that lying in bed with your feet in the air after sex enhances your chances of getting pregnant. Well, this is also not totally true. Experts suggest staying in bed after intercourse for 10 to 15 minutes is always good, but holding your feet up in the air would not benefit your cause. Why this doesn’t help? It happens because holding your legs up in the air does not move your pelvis.

Experts also advise not to go to the bathroom during this time. It is so because waiting for 10-15 minutes gives the sperm sufficient time to travel into the cervix, promoting the woman’s chances of conceiving.

Overdoing it won’t help

Having intercourse too many times even when the woman is ovulating will not benefit the cause to get pregnant faster. As per the experts, having sex every other night at the time of ovulation will increase your chances of conceiving.

Moreover, sperm can live up to five days inside a woman’s body. However, wearing time-fitting clothes, or spending too much time in a hot tub or a jacuzzi may decrease your chances.

Men should also avoid having soy food as it decreases sperm concentration, which may adversely affect your chances [2].

Avoid stressing about anything

Stress has been known to affect your bid to get pregnant faster. There can be a lot of family and society pressure on the couple to start a family, which can cause stress. But the couple must believe that it is going to happen for them for sure. Stress not only interferes with ovulation but may also cause infertility. Hence, being relaxed and not worrying about anything is always a better option.

You may opt for whatever way you want to de-stress. Needless to say, it has to be healthy. Alcohol consumption may adversely affect your plan to get pregnant faster. However, a glass of wine would not hurt.

Ensure a healthy lifestyle to get pregnant faster

Exercising is a healthy habit to have, but you have to ensure that it doesn’t reduce or increase your weight. Moreover, too much exercising can also stop your ovulation.

The next question is, how much is too much when it comes to exercising? If you always have been exercising, and still your periods are regular, there isn’t anything to worry about. However, periods are not the only thing that get affected due to too much exercising.

The first thing it does is shortening the second half of your cycle. Your period has to be due from 14 days after you ovulate, but exercising a lot cuts this phase short. It has to be your first hint to shorten your exercise regime. This type of tracking is the best way to judge this.

Other measures you can take to increase your chances to get pregnant faster –

  • Brisk walking (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week)
  • Stop smoking
  • Do not worry too much about conceiving


As per the experts, about 90 percent of women conceive within one year of trying. Therefore, you should not worry about it too much, as it is going to happen sooner or later. However, if you follow the above-discussed measures, you give yourself a better chance.

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