Deciding on toddler birthday party themes is a task! Making our toddler’s birthday a special event is something we all wish to do. The smile on their faces as they enjoy a surprise party and gifts alongside their friends is something that makes them joyous. As parents, nobody would like to give up on the idea of making it special for them.

We have a bunch of toddler birthday party themes that you can bank upon to make your child’s day a very special one. From cakes to decor, we have plans for everything.

How To Select The Perfect Toddler Birthday Party Theme?

There may be hundreds of toddler birthday party themes to choose from, but choose one that works for the entire kids’ guest list. The theme should be a combination of primarily your toddler’s likes. Your ability to arrange for games, food and decorations that complement the theme also matters. You may just choose to keep the cake of the theme and keep the rest of the elements generic. 

It might seem like a daunting task to choose a theme because your child might like so many things. Also, you’d have so many options from thousands of toddler birthday party themes. To want the party’s theme to be bang on point, here are a few steps that you can follow and say, “this is it!”

A List Of Toddler Birthday Party Themes

Crayon Theme

Almost every child loves drawing and painting and automatically the love for crayons emerges from there. A crayon-themed birthday could be your child’s and their friends’ favorite. It has everything, bright colors, and a lot of choices. And most importantly it lets the creativity in you flow out in the best way possible for your child.

Teddy Bear Themed Party

A teddy bear-themed birthday could be done outside like a picnic with teddy bears. Every child loves the outdoors. If your child loves teddy bears, then it’s double the fun! This allows you to let the kids get fresh air and makes your load way lesser while being a super plan.

Carnival Themed Party 

A carnival-themed birthday party is an all-in-one idea. From games to decor, it can involve everything your child loves. Also, this can be done outdoors as well as indoors. A carnival-themed birthday party won’t just be beautiful but also grand. 

Superhero/Superwoman Themed Party 

Children love superheroes or superwomen and they also have a favorite one too. So, a little bit of research can make their birthday party a lot more special. Gifts could include stickers, capes, and comic books of the same. This makes the birthday very unique and special for them.

Some More Unique Ideas For Toddler Birthday Party Themes

Under The Sea

A lot of kids love being in the water, and playing with it. An under the sea-themed birthday can be your child’s birthday dream. There are so many fun things the guests can do, from decorating the space with cutouts of sea creatures to playing dress up. You can hand out fish stationery, bubble wands, underwater coloring books and so much more.

Welcome To The Jungle Toddler Birthday Party Theme

What’s a birthday party without some wild fun? Jungle theme is one of the most popular toddler birthday party themes.  You can decorate the venue with green ribbons or scarves and put up some cut outs of animals. Serve food items with wacky names such as green punch, lion lollipops (cake pops), rattlesnake rolls (bread rolls) and more! Games could involve making animal sounds, guessing animal names or collecting eggs (balls) in a bucket. A plant as a return gift is a great eco friendly option for this theme.

Rainbows And Unicorns

Colors, fluff and lots of glitter! If you and your tot like glitter and color, then this is the perfect toddler birthday theme. Bring out the glitter in the decor, return gifts and clothes or go colorful. Play simple games like dance to the tunes, put the tail on the unicorn and more. This is sure to delight both, toddlers and older kids.


All of these are unique on their own. Remember to plan what toddlers can enjoy to the fullest. Don’t forget to keep into account your toddler’s schedules on the day of the party. Too many people or too much activity could overwhelm your child. Buying simple return gifts keeps most toddlers happy. Here are some ideas to plan your baby’s first birthday.

This day is special for both child and parent and hence, going an extra mile would only make the day better. So, happy planning!