About Us

The idea of ImmunifyMe Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd is the masterpiece of Mr Neeraj Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder, who, while working closely in the Pulse Polio Program, realised the dire need for such a platform. Founded in 2017, with just a Facebook page sharing information about vaccinations, Co-Founders Dr Nadeera Nilupamali and Mr Sudheera Lakmal tapped in the potential to bring solutions to the challenges faced during the immunization process.

Thus, born out of a growing need for technological advances in the immunization industry and a lack of proper vaccination monitoring solutions, ImmunifyMe is a revolution in the field of the global health sector.

We are currently present in India, Chile, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Malawi, Tanzania, the Republic of Benin, and some other African countries.


Our Vision

To become a global market leader in early childhood healthcare through the implication of innovative technology solutions.


Our Mission

To simplify the child development process by focusing on proper vaccination monitoring, record keeping, and nutrition planning.

Our Products

ImmunifyMe is a cloud-based health-tech platform driven by its robust approach to bridge the immunization gap among children. We aim to provide paperless solutions for vaccination records and improve early childhood development through growth monitoring and milestone tracking.

ImmunifyMe App

A digital platform that provides vaccination reminders, real-time vaccination monitoring/record keeping, digital prescription, milestone tracking, customized nutrition plans, and overall growth analysis of the child.

Immunity Passport

An app focused on creating a directory of an individual's health information that ensures data collection to help track your health. Designed especially for the Covid-19 era, it will update necessary information every time a user takes a Covid-19 test or gets vaccinated.


A digital platform that bridges the gap between the Medical Representatives (MRs) and doctors. It’s an online tool to help MRs communicate well with the doctors instead of running to the doctor’s clinic.

What do we offer?

We provide ease in storage and accessibility of data through our cloud-based ecosystem aimed to replace paper records. We offer:

  • Vaccination Scheduling
  • Child Growth Charts
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Child Health Tips

Our Team

The brains behind our mission
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Neeraj Mehta

CEO & Founder

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Nadeera Nilupamali

Co founder & VP Product

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Sudheera Lakmal

Chief Technology Officer

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