Smarter Digitization,
Leads to Better Immunization


Our telemedicine is not just any platform. It is telemedicine 2.0! It is built on cutting edge technology, along with end-to-end encryption of doctor-patient calls. Our consultations are also prepaid which reduces the chances of cancellations. We also give you access to the patient's health records before they arrive at your clinic, aiding you in better questioning, diagnosis and treatment!

Appointment Management

The advanced appointment management system offers you complete freedom to practice your profession giving you the freedom to choose the timings, days and months depending upon your availability. It allows you to customize your appointment slots, with regular notifications of upcoming appointments. Designed to help you efficiently utilize the day.

cloud backup
Revenue management

Though we do not track your finances, we do help you manage your revenue. With us, you can keep a record of your daily transactions. All your earnings on the ImmunifyMe platform are stored in a secured e-wallet. You can transfer the amount to your bank account with a click of a button.

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New Patient Registration

ImmunifyMe will assist you to digitize your practice completely! Choose to bring any new or existing patient online using a simple form that will take not even 5 mins of your time.

Broadcast messaging

With the Immunifyme broadcast tool, you can send a message to everyone’s phone with just one click. Our technology will broadcast the message to everyone so that you can attend your emergency or simply have a great vacation without any worry!

Patient Record Management

Say NO to paper! Our state-of-the-art system will help you digitize the health records of your existing patients. With ImmunifyMe you can access your patient's health records from anywhere, anytime!

What You Get

Cloud-Based Ecosystem
Enhanced Practice
Patient Retention
Preventing Double Vaccination
Socio-Economic Impact
Wider Reach

Your Private Data Remains Private

Your health files always remain encrypted with us and we never use it in any external promotions. Be reassured that we are both GDPR and HIPAA compliant platforms, if that satisfies your curious soul.

And all this is absolutely free of charge!

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comments we got from parents around the world!

Great initiative☺️, Nowadays digitalisation is very important and needed, it will be very helpful for all of us♥️
Kiran Sharma
I really like the concept of digitizing the immunization record ... It's Not only helpfull for parents but it'll also help the doctors to monitor child's vaccination records very easily.
Harsh Singhal

I really liked Immunifyme, Its one of the first tool for digitizing immunization. I definitely recomnmend young parents to go for it.
Upendra Kumar Sharma
Immunifyme making vaccination process easier there is no need to do paper works, everything is digitalized. It is also very easy to use and I found it very useful for all.😊
Priyanka Sharma

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