Are you worried about doing laundry, cooking, dressing, cleaning and packing up your child’s books and toys forever? The saying Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach Safely makes complete sense in this scenario. To teach toddlers to help at home, you must ‘Start Early’. Teach them how to do it ‘Slowly’, and you will find that you have raised an individual who is conscious of their duties at home ‘Safely’.

With this in mind, read through this list of some easy and fun household chores to do with your toddler.

Age 2 to 3 years

Firstly, contrary to a teenager who shirks away from doing day to day chores, a toddler loves to participate in little actions of everyday activities along with their parents. Have you noticed the twinkle in their eyes when you allow them to wipe and clear the table with you? You must! It’s the look of achievement.

These are five easy chores your toddler would love to do with you.

  • Put away clothes – Don’t expect your toddler to put them away neatly. As long as your toddler’s helping at home, it’s a job well done.
  • Clear the tableDone with dinner? Ask your toddler to help you with clearing the table. You are in for a big surprise! Those little hands love carrying big things. Remember to acknowledge their little help.
  • Wipe spillsIf you notice any liquid spill on the table, give your toddler a clean washcloth or a sponge to wipe away spills. You may demonstrate how a spill on the floor can lead to a fall ( with a toy, of course!).
  • Put away groceriesUse the opportunity to teach your baby the names of vegetables with this activity. Groceries and kindergarten learning, both sorted.
  • Water the plantsPerhaps the most precious of all things is ‘Water’. Children love to play with water. Grab this chance to teach toddlers to help at home whilst they enjoy playing with it. 

Age 3 to 5 years

Your little one now is bigger, faster and brighter. Allotting tasks isn’t a bad idea to build confidence in your toddler. This is a fine age to teach toddlers to help at home. They’re as eager as a beaver now! Routine can peep in, too, as it helps in building habits. Try this list but don’t expect perfection or try correction. Sing a song or hum a tune to enjoy working together. You have a lovable partner, after all.

  • Match the pair of socksThis is a tried and tested task that all toddlers love doing. ‘Same Same’ is how they do it. Did you know it falls under a Montessori activity? It is a simple and easy way to teach toddlers to help at home.
  • Sort the laundryWon’t it be fun guessing whose clothes are those? Dad’s? Mum’s? Grandma’s? Teach toddlers to help at home using this amusing and memory building game. 
  • Clear the tableYou could ask your little one to pass on the dishes or leftovers and clear the table one by one. You could even prop your child onto it once they have cleared the table. Consequently, give them a Thank you hug! After all, they look up to their parents for approval on all their actions. 
  • Feed the petYour toddler is curious about how the dog or cat laps up the milk or eats their food. It’s an exciting chore, but make sure an adult supervises them. 

More activities for age 3 to 5 years 

  • Get dressed upEncourage your child to pick what they like to wear. The choice gives them the freedom to explore and experience. It’s a task that goes off your list and teaches your little one independence. 
  • Make a sandwich – There is a lot of simple cooking by which you can teach toddlers to help at home. In fact, food that requires no cooking, like spreading butter on toasted bread, and scooping out some jam, are easy kitchen chores. You may even put on a chef’s cap for them.
  • Assist grandparents at homePassing on the medicine box and handing over a glass of water or the walking stick are endearing tasks. Not to mention these also help the grandchild bond with grandparents. Moreover, keep your cameras ready to capture such beautiful moments!
  • Make bed ready before sleepingThis can be exciting by having beddings that your children love with their favorite cartoons. Tuck in the sheets together. But don’t forget to pat their back to reinforce their efforts whenever you get a chance.


When you teach toddlers to help at home, they develop a sense of responsibility. The independence they are given to make choices and see its impact goes a long way in raising confident kids. In fact, toddlers helping at home can be fun-filled and memorable. Consequently, you’ll find many playful moments to capture. It must be remembered that consistent efforts and time spent together to show children how to go about it are essential. 

Additionally, you can sing or hum or whistle while you are at it and watch your toddler take delight in doing chores at home.

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