A new mother often worries about whether she has enough milk supply to feed her growing baby. Many foods help boost milk supply, but you may wonder how to incorporate them into healthy recipes. To make your journey as a nursing mother easier and to start your mornings on the right note, we have put together some simple Indian breakfast recipes for breastfeeding mothers that will not just provide you with the required nutrition but are also incredibly delicious!  

You don’t need to follow a strict diet or resort to extreme dietary changes to produce breast milk. However, what you need is to take care of your body by fueling it with food that has the right amount of nutritional value, which is- a good mix of carbs, protein, and fats! Our Indian diet has a great mix of foods from all food groups, so you can add your twists and enjoy a versatile breakfast fare.

Quick Indian Breakfast Recipes for Breastfeeding Mothers: 

Desi Vegetable Dalia 

Cracked or broken wheat, better known as Dalia, is high in fiber and infused with the goodness of proteins. It is considered one of the  best foods to increase milk supply in nursing mothers. The right way to prepare it is- Heat a pan of oil and add cumin seeds. Follow this up with chopped onions, your favorite chopped veggies, and a hint of salt and chilly powder. Add Dalia, a handful of moong dal, and add water. Cook for 10 minutes and add a sprig of curry leaves to top it off! Your delicious vegetable Dalia is ready! 

Nutritional Bajra Dosa

This breakfast recipe is for you for new mums who are willing to experiment with their food, ensuring that it is still as healthy and delicious slightly. This iron-rich bajra dosa is great for enhancing fiber levels and preventing constipation. Start by pre-soaking rice, dal, Methi & bajra for 12 hours. Grind this into a paste by adding water and a pinch of salt and let it ferment for 7 hours. Layer your pan with a few drops of oil and spread the batter to make some hot, crispy bajra dosas.

The Smoothie Way

Drinking fruit juices and smoothies shall be a better option on days when you feel full.

Drinking fruit juices and smoothies shall be a better option on days when you feel full.

There are days when indulging in a heavy breakfast is the last thing on your mind. But you have to find other ways to intake your daily dose of morning nourishment. On such days, a wholesome smoothie is your best friend. Just take some plain yogurt, a tablespoon of rolled oats, two bananas, fresh blueberries, and a pinch of chia seeds and blend it up. Top it off with chopped almonds, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a drizzle of honey. Your quick-fix smoothie is ready! To make sure this smoothie fits into the list of Indian breakfast recipes for breastfeeding, turn it into a savory smoothie bowl by adding cumin powder to oats and blending this with yogurt and salt. Pour this into a bowl and garnish with grated carrots, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. Yum! 

Oats Roti With A Twist Of Methi

We all know how important it is to include green leafy vegetables as part of our diet, especially when nursing. This unique breakfast recipe is the perfect Indian snack for breastfeeding moms, packed with the richness of iron. Stir up a batter of whole wheat flour, rolled oats, and finely chopped methi leaves. Then add some salt and chilly powder and cook these on a medium flame. Flip and add a few drops of desi ghee once cooked. Relish with some mint chutney or sauce!

Crunchy Moong Dal Chila

This one is among the favorite Indian breakfast recipes for breastfeeding mothers, and we totally agree! It is so easy to make, mess-free (read: very important), and incredibly delicious to eat. You need to soak some green moong dal overnight and blend it into a batter with some water. Roast some chopped onions and green chilies with a tinge of oil, and add your favorite spices with some salt. Grease a flat pan with oil and pour a spoonful of the batter. Cook well for about 5 minutes. And you are done! Eat it hot and crunchy.  

Key Takeaways

These are some of our top picks for simple yet delicious breakfast recipes that are great for nursing mothers. You must consume balanced meals to maintain breastmilk’s quality and quantity. Exercising at regular intervals shall be an additional plus! However, we understand that being mindful about nutrition can be hard- especially with a newborn.

 One of the best ways to keep track of your body’s nourishment is to follow the food pyramid and make sure that you cover all food groups– fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, nuts, and protein-rich foods. This way, you can never go wrong with your balanced diet! It is always best to consult with your doctor and note any food allergies beforehand, just to be safe.