Having a hard time figuring out if sleeping on your stomach is safe for both you and the little munchkin in the belly?

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Lying on your belly when you are still in the initial months of your pregnancy doesn’t cause any harm.

Know that your baby is protected within the uterine walls and further covered with a layer of amniotic fluid. So, sleeping on your belly when you’re pregnant won’t squish or hurt your baby inside you.

Should you sleep on your belly throughout your pregnancy?

While this sleeping position might feel the most comfortable, you won’t be able to continue it for a long time.

As your uterus expands and the abdomen grows towards the second trimester of pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach would seem practically impossible. 

Furthermore, this position can cause other problems, including:

– Stiffness of neck

– Shoulder aches

– Lower back pain

– Pelvic girdle pain

Now, if you have already been following this sleep position, switching might seem uncomfortable. 

What can you do?

While you try not to sleep on your stomach, switching back to this position in the middle of the night is normal. Once you find yourself lying on your stomach, don’t panic at all. Gently change back to your left or right side, and you will be good. 

How does using pillows help?

If you are in the initial months of pregnancy and sleeping on your stomach feels like the most comfortable position, you can try using pillows. 

It’s usually around 16-18 months when your baby bump starts showing up; before that using a stomach pillow with an area cut out to keep your belly safe can be extremely helpful and safe. 

Looking for an ideal sleeping position?

According to many research studies, sleeping on your left side has been found to be the right sleeping position. 

Lying on your left side has been known to boost the optimal blood flow to your heart. Besides, it’s an ideal position for the essential nutrients to reach your baby. 

Key Takeaway

While sleeping on your stomach during the initial months of your pregnancy isn’t harmful to your baby, it will turn uncomfortable once your baby bump starts showing up. 

So, try lying on your left side. Also remember, sleeping on your back has certain complications; if you find yourself in this position, simply roll to your left side.