The coronavirus status in Maharashtra remains unrelenting. The state records over 10,000 cases for consecutive days, exceeding the 2 million mark. The Center says that this is due to the “lack of fear” of the pandemic amongst people, and its fatigue. 

Maharashtra continues to lead the fresh Covid-19 surge in India while being among the 6 states that have accounted for almost 85% of daily fresh cases over a few days.

Are the cases rising in the other states as well?

All these states: Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan,  Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, have had quite related growth trajectories in recent weeks. They exhibited a constant drop till the first week of February, following which a turnaround has occurred. Unexpectedly, this is not very distinct from the national trajectory as well. India’s coronavirus curve reached its flattest level in the second and third weeks of February, however, a sudden spike of the cases started in the end of February.

The acceleration of cases in other states is not very shocking. Travel limitations have not been put in place, and there is a free movement of people from one place to another. In most states, travelers coming in from Maharashtra have not been mandatorily screened for the virus. Therefore, what is being observed in these other states could instantly result from Maharashtra’s rising numbers. 

Of course, the resurgence in Maharashtra itself is not very well explained. None of the reasons attributed to Maharashtra’s COVID-19 cases growth. People not vaccinating, not using masks or following physical distancing norms, family functions, gram panchayat elections, and reopening local trains in Mumbai are unique to the state.

What about the new coronavirus strain?

The new coronavirus strain has concurred with a surge in Amravati and the surrounding districts’ number of cases. 

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), Commissioner, IS Chahal, in communication to media persons, said that MCGM would seal domestic buildings in Mumbai city, which has more than five patients. Persons who are under home quarantine would be marked and stamped on their hands. To act against travelers on the local trains who do not wear masks, the state would designate 300 marshals. The number of marshals for taking action those who do not wear masks in public places would be doubled. The daily target is to act towards 25,000 violators. Also to raid wedding halls, clubs, and eateries to monitor COVID-19 rule compliance. 

Lockdown in Maharashtra, yet again?

Mumbai’s protector minister Aslam Shaikh announced that local authorizations would soon settle on forcing restraints or lockdown in the city. “In a meeting on Monday, the chief minister instructed the municipal corporation and the collector to decide on the imposition of lockdown. It can be a night curfew, complete or partial lockdown. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. Nightclubs are likely to be shut first,” Aslam Shaikh said.

The local authorities imposed limitations in Thane and Nashik districts on Tuesday, 9th March. In Thane, 16 hotspots had to be put under lockdown till 31st March.


The only fortunate incidence in this fresh wave is that there is no apparent rise in the mortality numbers, not yet. The trend in death numbers normally has a delay of around two to three weeks compared to identifying new cases. But even after, approximately a month since the cases started to rise, there is no observable increase in deaths. 

Well, to get over this kind of worsening situation, people must wear masks and follow social distancing norms. If done otherwise, we are forcing ourselves into the hands of another lockdown which in turn will deteriorate our economy further resulting in more loss of jobs.

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