Best Telemedicine Platform In India

With the spread of infections on a rapid rise, meeting all patients face to face could be challenging for doctors. Thankfully, the advancements in technology have given rise to a new aspect of healthcare service in the form of telemedicine. Simply put, telemedicine is the use of technology for medical purposes. One of the biggest advantages of telemedicine is that it helps to bridge the doctor-patient gap to quite some extent.

To help you have the best telemedicine platform in India, we have our ImmunifyMe Telemedicine 2.0. This platform is built on cutting-edge technology and is unlike any ordinary telemedicine platform. With end-to-end encryption of doctor-patient calls, confidentiality is treated as our priority. In addition to that, our consultations are also prepaid to reduce the chances of cancelations. With digitized health records of your patients always accessible on the app, it also helps you in better questioning, diagnosis, and treatment of your patients.

Benefits Of Using ImmunifyMe's Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine has helped doctors provide timely medical consultation and consequently, also improve patient care. Our advanced Telemedicine 2.0 sure does have benefits more than one.

  • The ease of access allows you to reach more patients effectively
  • All medical records digitized lets you access your patient records easily, at any time and anywhere
  • Consultations are prepaid to reduce the chances of patient no- shows or last-minute cancelations
  • All doctor-patient consultations are end-to-end encrypted to maintain confidentiality
  • Provide immediate medical consultation whenever needed
  • Helps with infection prevention and control for both healthcare workers and their patients
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Yes, as per Telemedicine Guidelines published by the Indian Government in 2020, registered medical practitioners holding an M.B.B.S or above degree, are eligible to practice telemedicine in India. However, it's important that all practitioners strictly abide by the Telemedicine Guidelines shared by the government.

With advancements in technology, there are many companies in the healthcare industry that offer a telemedicine platform. When choosing a telemedicine platform, you should take into consideration factors such as how user-friendly the interface is, does it offer configuration and customization, and does it have data analytics capabilities. A good telemedicine platform will usually offer these services. If you’re a pediatrician, our ImmunifyMe app serves as an efficient telemedicine platform in India.

Telehealth refers to a much broader scope of remote healthcare services whereas telemedicine is just one aspect of telehealth that refers specifically to remote clinical services. Telehealth could also include non-clinical remote services in some cases.

Clinic Revenue Management

While providing efficient healthcare is the top priority of all healthcare professionals, managing your revenue to stay afloat is equally important. You need an efficient clinic revenue management system to assist with the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue. It helps in a lot of aspects including patient registration, medical coding, claim submission, etc.

Our ImmunifyMe revenue management system understands the importance of efficient clinic revenue management and helps you manage your revenue better. We do not track your finances but do assist in managing your daily transactions and your overall revenue. With just a click of a button, you can easily transfer all your earnings on the ImmunifyMe platform to your bank account. Our clinic revenue management system makes sure all your earnings are stored in a secured e-wallet and are easily accessible to you. This helps you enhance your medical practice and facilitate better patient care.

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Benefits Of Using Our Clinic Revenue Management System
  • Helps keep a record of your daily transactions and manage your revenue
  • All your earnings on our ImmunifyMe platform are stored in a secured e-wallet
  • Quick and easy transfer of your earnings to your bank account
  • Enhances patient experience as well, leading to increased patient satisfaction
  • Increases efficiency of your workflow


Revenue management in healthcare refers to the financial process of managing the administrative and clinical functions associated with revenue generation. The process usually includes identification, management, and also collection of patient service revenue. Right from patient account creation to payment, a revenue management cycle takes care of it all.

The main purpose of revenue cycle management is to maintain financial viability. However, a revenue cycle management system may not limit itself to just the billing process. It also helps in keeping a track of patients’ records including their healthcare plans and medical history.

By using an efficient healthcare revenue management cycle , a healthcare facility can increase its revenue. Along with that, it’s important to use a systematic medical billing system to avoid any miscalculations or discrepancies. One should also make use of the right marketing strategies to increase revenue for their clinic or hospital.

Clinic Management

Many patients with minor ailments or with certain specialties prefer going to a clinic over waiting at a hospital. Clinics provide easy access to healthcare and play a vital role in bridging the doctor-patient gap. Naturally, there is a steady stream of patients in a clinic and it may be cumbersome to maintain records of every patient. Here’s when clinic management comes into the picture.

Clinic management or healthcare service management refers to improving care coordination and providing quality wellness and with pocket-friendly services. Managing patients, appointments, doctor schedules, prescriptions, and inventory may get difficult without a clinic management system in place. Our ImmunifyMe app makes this process a whole lot easier by helping you manage patients, appointments, revenues, and a lot more at the tip of your fingers.

Our app has a clinic management system in place that helps you manage records of your patients, schedule appointments, manage events, register patients, and keep a tab on your accounting. With everything digitized and stored on the cloud, you no longer have to worry about data inconsistency, mixing of data, or losing your patients’ records. Retrieval of data, inventory management, billing and accounting are all made easy with the ImmunifyMe app.

Features Offered For Efficient Clinic Management
  • Managing Patients
  • Appointment Management
  • New Patient Registration
  • Scan And Vaccinate
  • Revenue Management
  • Managing Events
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Having a clinic management system in place improves the general efficiency of your practice and helps you deal with your patients more effectively. It drastically reduces the chances of data inconsistency, data discrepancy, or misplacing your patient records.

You should make use of an efficient clinic management system to successfully manage and run a clinic. By using our ImmunifyMe app you can have a wider reach, ensure patient retention, and have an enhanced practice. It will simplify your workload and help provide better health assistance. Along with that, you should also create a website for your medical practice and ensure it highlights all the necessary elements of your practice.

In order to make your clinic profitable, it’s important to make your practice more effective and efficient. You need to have a wider reach, ensure patient retention, and manage your revenue effectively. Our ImmunifyMe app can help you with all these tasks and much more with a clinic management system in place. In addition to that, you should also make sure to market your medical practice the right way. This will also help you make your clinic profitable.

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