Parenthood is an exciting and challenging journey as parents have to take care of so many responsibilities at the same time. Every parent wants to raise a happy, healthy, and well-balanced child. But right from keeping a track of your due date to breastfeeding the baby and tracking their progress, there are so many things you have to be mindful of. As exciting as it may seem, you may often feel like you’re on a roller-coaster ride while trying to juggle between your work and taking care of your baby. 

Don’t worry, you needn’t get stressed about your journey as a new parent. Thanks to technology, you have tons of resources online to take that load off your shoulders. Some of the stress about the many responsibilities concerning your baby can disappear with these best apps for new parents. 

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Parenting can be overwhelming, which is where using an app can help.


If you’re a new mom, it can get really overwhelming especially if you have a lot of questions regarding your baby. Many new mothers feel lonely and socially estranged when they find themselves entering the initial stages of pregnancy or childbirth. If you too need someone to empathize with you, then Peanut is the right space for you. 

You’ll come across thousands of women on the app who feel the same as you! They share their experiences and insights on different stages of pregnancy and childbirth among other things. The app has several group discussions that you can participate in to befriend other mothers just like you. 

Available for: Android, iOS

Features: Group sessions, chat, podcasts, etc.

Cost: Free

Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker App

As a new parent, it might get difficult for you to understand your baby’s feeding patterns and times. With the help of Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker, you can actually track and analyze your breastfeeding patterns. For your convenience, the app has absolutely no ads, and features widgets and night mode to help record your baby’s nursing schedule. 

You can check the diary and graphs on the app to analyze the breastfeeding and mealtime for your baby. The best thing about this app is that you can sync it with your partner, nanny, grandparents and friends to be able to track and share your baby’s progress. There are also other add-on features like tracking your baby’s sleep, tracking when and how much you pump, and creating events to track. 

Available for: Android, iOS

Features: Graphical analysis of breastfeeding and meals, an overview of your breastfeeding time, etc. 

Cost: Free application for a breastfeeding logger. Other in-app purchases range from INR 45 to 450 per item.

Insight Timer 

As a new parent, you’ll be juggling so many responsibilities while taking care of your baby. In the process, it’s natural for you to forget yourself and give in to your daily stress. At such times, you can practice mindfulness and learn to be calm and patient. One of the best meditation apps for new parents is Insight Timer that has received recognition from Time Magazine and Women’s Health. 

Right from guided meditations and music tracks to discussion groups and over 1,000 courses, there’s something for everyone. With the help of this app, you can assure yourself a good night’s sleep and calmness of mind while battling all your parenting stress and anxiety. One of the tips for new parents is to find time for themselves, and this app can help you do just that!

Available for: Android, iOS

Features: Customizable meditation timer, Bedtime tales, Stats for tracking progress, etc. 

Cost: Free application for basic features. Other in-app purchases range from INR 132.64 to 5,200 per item. 


One of the most essential parts of your baby’s life is vaccinations. And alongside all the breastfeeding, nursing and sleeping, you must also keep track of their vaccination schedule! Messing up your baby’s vaccine appointments can have fairly big consequences, which is why you need to turn to technology. This is where the ImmunifyMe app comes in handy: it has timely vaccination reminders so you never miss an appointment!

Alongside that, the app also gives parents digitized prescriptions and customized nutrition plans. Worried about milestone tracking? The app uses the power of AI to assess and chart your baby’s physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional growth. Finally, it has a convenient telemedicine feature to connect you with a pediatrician over an encrypted call. An app that helps you keep track of something as important as your baby’s health is definitely one of the best apps for new parents!

Available for: Android

Features: Child immunization schedules, digitized prescriptions, customized nutrition charts, etc. 

Cost: Free application for basic features (vaccine records, reminders, milestone progress, nutrition charts). Other in-app purchases are part of a yearly subscription and include growth reports, digital health records, and online consultations.

immunifyme, apps for parents

With vaccination reminders, ImmunifyMe is definitely one of the best apps for new parents.

Sound Sleeper – White Noise 

One of the most common problems that new parents face after childbirth is sleep deprivation. You don’t have to worry about that anymore as the Sound Sleeper app will not only take care of your baby’s sleep patterns but also help you get a good night’s sleep. 

The best thing about this app is the ‘listen’ mode. All you have to do is switch on the listen mode and the app will automatically turn on its soothing sounds when your baby cries. You can even track your baby’s sleep patterns with the help of the color-coded graphs on this app. An interesting feature is that you can record your own lullabies using Sound Sleeper to later play them for your baby! 

Available for: Android, iOS

Features: White noise sounds (fan, womb, rain), high-quality soothing sounds, etc. 

Cost: Free application for basic features. Other in-app purchases range from INR 120 to 1,000 per item. 

Glow Baby 

If you’re a new parent, it’s going to take you some time to adjust to your new routine while managing your baby’s daily activities. It might get difficult at times to keep a track of your baby’s progress. To help you cope with everything, you can use a tracking app called Glow Baby. Whether it’s tracking your baby’s diaper changes, sleep schedules, breastfeeding or teething log, this app can help you with several essentials. Another interesting thing about this app is that you can even create a family album and share it with loved ones! 

Available for: Android, iOS

Features: Pumping tracker, breastfeeding log, nursing timer, milestone logging, etc. 

Cost: Free application for basic features. Other in-app purchases range from INR 69 to 8,400 per item. 


Whether your child is an infant or a toddler, it’s always good if you are aware of your child’s overall growth and development. That’s what we at ImmunifyMe prioritize, and have thus come up with a digital platform to make things easier for new parents. Right from vaccination reminders to milestone tracking, we can help you with everything essential. 

FAQs On Best Apps For New Parents 

What Is A Good First-Time Mom App? 

Some of the good first time mom apps are as follows: 

  • Peanut
  • Glow Baby
  • Sound Sleeper 
  • Breastfeeding- Baby Tracker 
  • Insight Timer 

What Support Do New Parents Need? 

All new parents need extra care and support especially in the initial days of their childbirth from friends and family. They may need help when it comes to doing household chores, watching over the baby when they’re asleep, and sometimes even emotional support whenever they get overwhelmed with responsibilities. 

What Do New Parents Struggle With The Most? 

One of the most common struggles that new parents face is sleep problems because of their new baby. Other than that, they may also struggle with conflicts in their relationship as a result of their new responsibilities and roles as parents. 

What Kind Of Support Do Teenage Parents Need? 

Teenage parents most likely find themselves entangled in various other problems like a financial burden, college studies, and learning to raise a child. That’s why they need a lot of support and guidance from their family members and friends. They may need help with time management, taking up new responsibilities as parents, and sometimes even financial aid.