Being a happy parent is never going to be a cakewalk! If you don’t believe it, you can go up to your own parents and ask them the same questions. We can bet they’ll tell you how overwhelming this can be. Happy parents do exist, but to be one of them surely requires some testing of your self-control and behavior under pressure. You may have to control your natural instincts on numerous occasions to have peaceful parenthood. Thankfully, we’ve got some tried and tested ways on how to be happy parents. Read on!

1. Practice And Instill Kindness

Kindness is not only a trait but a lifestyle that every single person on earth should follow. It must be the first thing you instill in your child while growing up, and is one of the parenting tips you must follow. But remember, kids are sponges. You can try to teach them about kindness as much as you want, but they will end up following your behavior. This means that you must consciously be kind yourself.

In the long run, it will give you a great sense of satisfaction when you will see your child being kind to everyone. Moreover, there will be times when you yourself will receive that kindness from your kid, and it definitely will make you one of those happy parents.

2. Give Compliments To Your Kids

Complementing your children for their smallest of achievements develops them into a better person while growing up. You just have to make sure that you do not overdo it as it may make them spoilt brats. This way, you would be able to teach them to be modest and compassionate. Wondering how this has anything to do with being happy parents? It’s simple – the better your little ones grow, the happier you are as parents!

3. Counter The Urge To Be Controlling

Sometimes, we as humans tend to control our kids and their activities. However, it may bring a rebellion out of your child. Being authoritative parents won’t work in your favor, or your child’s! We should learn to make peace with their small decisions, like “what to wear”, “how to sit”, “when to play”, etc.

This doesn’t mean that you should allow them to do everything on their own. There will be times when you will have to put your foot down and tell them to do or not to do some specific things, like “how to behave”, “where to go”, “with whom to play”, etc. But you need to know where to draw the line. This will release a lot of your worries, and help you enjoy simpler parenthood.

4. Relive Your Hobbies To Be Happy Parents

Almost every parent keeps complaining about not having enough time to do what they like or used to do before becoming parents. Well, whining about not having time isn’t going to help you in any way. So, just prepare an exhaustive schedule for yourself, and include your daily chores as a parent in it. This way you will have enough daily activities which you can cut short or even eliminate from your routine. Now, use your spare time to enjoy your hobbies, and we can assure you, you will be one of those happy parents very soon.

 Yes, this is easier said than done. But even a few minutes of something nice in a day can help you feel better. One of the ways to know how to be happy parents is knowing what makes you happy. Once you know what that is, pursue it!

how to be happy parents

5. Have Fun With Your Kids To Be Happy Parents

Some parents only laugh seeing the cuteness of their children, but somehow forget to appreciate the humor they try to generate through their silly jokes or funny acts. Try and crack jokes that are easy to understand for your kids so that they can see you as their fun partner. Once you both are in that friend zone, it will become easier to bond with them and for them to relate to you. 

This makes even your everyday relationship with them fun and lighthearted. Your kids will enjoy their time with you, and be more willing to listen to you when they’re in the wrong. This is a sure-shot at happy parenthood!

6. Let It Go To Be Happy Parents

We as parents want some things done in a certain way, but what we always forget is, a child has different priorities than us. They may be more concerned about a cricket match or a maths test they have to undertake in a week. At the same time, parents want them to keep their room clean, their clothes well arranged, or anything else more domestic. This leads to times when you and your kids won’t be on the same page. At times like these, learn to let it go. Letting loose and relinquishing control will ease your burdens.

7. Don’t Overwhelm Your Kids With Too Many Activities

You may have seen some parents trying to include their kids in every single sport or extracurricular activity their school organizes. This honestly isn’t necessary as it will not do anything more than overwhelm your child. As a parent, you just have to observe your kid’s best interest and encourage them to pursue it. For example, if your child likes to play football, one day he will achieve excellence in the sport, which will also keep him fit and healthy. Moreover, not worrying about how your kid is performing in the activities they don’t even like will ease your tension, making you a happy parent.

8. Don’t Do Everything On Your Own

Putting too much pressure on yourself may create physical as well as mental troubles for you as a parent. So, don’t shy away from seeking help whenever you need it. If you think that money is a concern, then work collaboratively with your spouse to ease things out. Communicate with your partner and loved ones, but don’t bear these burdens all alone.

9. Get Dressed Every Day

Wake up every morning, take a bath and get dressed, nothing fancy, but do it! It helps you get on top of your daily routine, and even if some guests turn up without any advance notice, you will not have to manage everything in a haphazard manner. This keeps your mood upbeat, helping you stay happy.

10. Surprise Your Kids

Keep surprising your kids with your spontaneity. Turn up at their school to pick them up, take them to movies or amusement parks, take them out for ice cream, and so on. These acts will keep your kids entertained and amused, and you will lead a more satisfying life. This also plays a key role in strengthening your bond with them, as long as you don’t spoil them.

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11. Exercise To Be Happy Parents

Everyone knows that exercising relieves stress. Apart from supporting you mentally, it also gives you the strength to carry out your daily chores and still manage some personal time of your own with the kind of energy you need to enjoy it. You can also begin exercising as early as a few weeks after giving birth!


Still wondering how to be happy parents? Well, stop wondering! There are plenty of ways to make your life easier as a parent. The above-discussed methods will not only help you in keeping you relaxed but will also help you in raising your child better. So, enjoy a life full of joy and happiness, as someone has rightly said – “happiness is the key to good health”. Downloading the ImmunifyMe app is another way to get a little help with parenting, so make sure you look it up!

FAQs On How To Be Happy Parents

Do Happy Parents Make Happy Children?

Yes, happy parents do lead to happy kids. Happier parents lead to happier parental behavior, and influence positive outcomes in their kids. Seeing you be happy and fulfilled with automatically make your kids happy.

How Can I Be A Fun Parent?

An important part of being a fun parent is setting realistic expectations from yourself and your kids. Apart from this, ensure you laugh loud and often, and join your kids in games. Be spontaneous and cheerful.

What Makes A Child Unhappy?

There are a lot of things that make a child unhappy. These can be simple things like losing at a game, not getting a toy or failing an exam. On a larger scale, tragic events like loss or death, violence or abuse at home, and unhappy parents can make a child unhappy.