Books, videos, advice columns… Parenting tips is one topic that is always trending. With so many styles of parenting to adopt, it can be quite overwhelming. This is even more so for first-time parents who are only just stepping into this territory. You want to be strict but not rude, let them have fun but keep them safe, give them space but remain involved.

In the middle of this chaos, your attempts at good parenting often get tested by loud tantrums. Parenting is indeed a 24×7 job, and how you react in these various scenarios determines whether or not you can exercise good parenting. Luckily, we’ve got some handy parenting tips for all parents who need them. Read on to get better at raising your kiddies well with these 5 essential parenting tips.

#1. Don’t Make It A Habit To Hit Your Child

Several of us may have grown up with the occasional firm smack when we misbehaved. But resorting to hitting your child no matter how big or small the situation is a big no. Your child will soon learn to keep secrets from you just to avoid the inevitable beating coming their way. Rather than understanding where they went wrong, it just reinforces the idea that you will hit them no matter what. Ensure you distinguish between when you need to be firm and when you need to explain why they went wrong.

#2. Don’t Be Less Loving

As a pro parenting tip, we would love to break this news to you. Some parents feel like showing love and affection will raise a weak child. On the contrary, showing love for your child as a parent is constructive in every way. It helps them learn that you don’t have to be weak just because you express your affections. It also helps them have a more open, loving and honest relationship with you! 

However, you can certainly spoil your child by showing them extra love with materialistic things. Ensure you don’t give in to their every demand – this can harm their growth and turn them into spoiled children.

#3. What You Do & How You Behave Matters

This would probably be one of the most critical ‘good parenting’ lessons that you must learn. Your kids watch you from a very close distance. That too, on a daily basis. They observe how you behave and react in different circumstances. And based on that, they form opinions about life & relationships. Hence, think before you react on the spur of the moment. This is challenging, but parenting as a whole is challenging, so you must brace yourself. 

#4. Get Involved In The Child’s Day-To-Day Life 

This is one of those essential parenting tips you must take a mental note of. However, it’s easier said than done. Try devoting a certain amount of time each day to peek into the nitty gritties of your child’s life. You will need to rethink & rearrange your priorities in the said process. It would also sometimes make you sacrifice what your aspirations in life are, for what your child wants to do.

However, getting involved doesn’t mean something like entirely taking over your child’s homework. Lend a helping hand, explain concepts, ask them about their friends and teachers. Maybe even involve them with helping out with the chores, or doing some yoga with you! This only helps strengthen your bond with them.

#5. Set A Few Rules To Abide By

Another key parenting tip is associated with setting behavioral rules for your child from an early age. You must be thinking about what possibly can go wrong if we avoid doing the same. The answer is that your child will fail to manage themselves in adult life. Just as much as a child needs a daily routine, they also need to learn to follow rules. This helps them learn to be obedient, as well as helps them set their minds to tasks.

But also take note that setting rules doesn’t mean micromanaging, especially when your child has already entered middle school. Authoritarian parenting is exceedingly harmful for your child. You must walk the tightrope and learn as you go.

Key Takeaway

Being a parent is not just a personal responsibility but a responsibility you take as a civilized and law-abiding citizen. And this indirectly means that you share the load of creating a responsible and harmonious society for the future. As a parent, you become an inseparable part of nation-building, which in itself is a big responsibility to shoulder. While parenting can be challenging, using an app like ImmunifyMe can make the load easier to bear. From digital prescriptions to milestone tracking, it can help you with it all!

FAQs On Parenting Tips

What Are The 5 Positive Parenting Skills?

5 positive parenting skills are:

  • Creating a safe environment
  • Having an environment that encourages questions and learning
  • Using assertive discipline
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Looking after yourself as a parent

Do And Don’ts Of Parenting?

Some of the parenting dos are respecting your kids’ opinions, letting them take the lead, encouraging questions and healthy exploration, and teaching them about their bodies. Some of the don’ts are being authoritative parents, comparing them to other kids, constantly criticizing without being constructive and withholding love and affection.

What Are The 4 Types Of Parenting Styles?

The 4 types of parenting styles are:

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian.
  • Permissive or Indulgent.
  • Uninvolved.
  • Authoritative.