Parenting when both spouses are involved is challenging by itself. Being a single parent (in this case, a single father) poses even greater challenges and sacrifices since the responsibility of the child’s upbringing solely rests on your shoulders. However, you should know that this journey doesn’t have to be difficult all the time. We are here to guide you through this process by offering a couple of practical tips. If you’re mindful of them during your daily routine, fatherhood will be much more of a rewarding experience. Let’s dive into some tips on how to manage as a single dad.

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Knowing a few tips on how to manage as a single dad will help you in your parenthood journey.

Have A Proper Support System 

You could be a single dad because, for whatever reason, your baby’s mother doesn’t want to get involved. This experience can sometimes be more daunting for single dads who are just processing their divorce, separation, or the death of their spouse. Who do you turn to? Whom should you seek advice from? These myriads of unanswered questions can get overwhelming and can often dampen the spirit. This is why it’s essential to have a support system that you can rely on.

No matter how hard you try, parenting without having people to rely on is strenuous. In sudden moments of doubt and anxiety, you need people who’ll not only empathize but also provide sound parenting advice. Preferably, surround yourself with family, neighbors, or close friends who have experience in dealing with children. They’re your best advisors who will keep you sane when things seem to spiral downwards. Engage with your community and don’t hesitate to ask for help. It may be for babysitting or needing some aid to stack your fridge, ask freely! 

Another way to engage better with your community is by organizing or participating in activities. Invite them over for a meal, organize a movie weekend or a book reading club, go on a trek together. Better yet, include your child and your friends’ kids in these activities as well. Anything that drives that ill-feeling of isolation away will help you out. This will in turn have a positive effect on the way you bring your child up since your mind is more at ease, knowing that people are there to back you up. 

If you’re finding the single dad life challenging, then you can even consider getting therapy. There’s no harm in getting professional help if you’re seeking an extra layer of support. Also consider joining support groups, where you can share your burdens with other single dads and seek betterment together. This helps you know that the feelings you experience are not yours alone.

Arrange Your Work Schedule According To Your Child’s Programs   

When thinking of how to manage as a single dad, a challenging aspect is striking that perfect balance between work life and being a dad. How do you manage your child’s school activities that include PTA meetings, science exhibitions, report days, and more? This can get a bit tricky,  especially in the formative years when the child looks up to the father as his/her sole role model. 

The most practical thing to do is to have an honest conversation with your boss. Explain the situation to him/her and hopefully, they’ll understand. Ask for any work-from-home opportunities if your child still hasn’t started schooling or for certain leaves if your child has an important school function. Whether your child is participating in an elocution competition or a poetry recitation, never miss those moments since they soon fly by. 

Set Practical Schedules 

It’s important to be organized. You have your work schedule, your child’s school timings, their homework, and many other household chores such as buying groceries to do as well. You might feel overburdened doing all these things by yourself if you haven’t chalked out a proper schedule. Before the start of the day or the night before, pen down the things you’ve to do and assign them priority values. 

Do include your child’s day-to-day activities as well (tuitions, music classes, school activities, etc).  This will also help you keep a track of your child’s routine. Once you’ve completed your tasks for the day, try journaling down some of your thoughts. This helps in clearing your mind from any of the stress you’ve endured. Take care of yourself so that you can parent your child better in the long run. 

Spend More Quality Time With Your Child  

If you’ve ever desired to form a deeper bond with your child, then spend more quality time with them. Watch a movie with them, play their favorite game with them, and cook a meal together. These are just some activities, but there are many others you can try with your child. We know that work-life can get pretty hectic. By the end of the week, you’re so tired that you don’t feel like doing anything with your free time. But by pushing yourself and going the extra mile, you’re creating many fond memories for them. Take them on outings – treks, hikes, camping trips; anything that’ll take them away from the concrete jungle.

Prepare For The Future 

Nobody knows what the future holds. Its uncertainty is the part that scares us from making any preparations for it. However, it’ll be unwise to be completely clueless about your and your child’s future. We advise making a rough plan about your future work plans, your child’s further education ventures, houses that are closer to amenities (if you ever plan on shifting), etc. To get all of your future goals in one place, jot them down in a planner or use a mobile app to do so. Doing this will give you some sense of security that will alleviate some anxiety in your mind. 

These plans don’t always have to be long-term. Plan for the short term and medium term too. Prepare for upcoming events, activities, conferences, etc. There are some apps for parents too, that can help you in your journey of parenthood.

how to manage as a single dad, single dad parenting

Reaching out to your support system and bonding with your child will give you a better idea of how to manage as a single dad.


Managing as a single dad is quite a struggle. The number of responsibilities that pile up can get a bit overwhelming when there’s no other member involved in sharing those responsibilities. The journey is going to be rocky but enriching at the same time. You’ll learn a lot about the management of time and priorities which in turn will make you a better father. With our tips on how to manage as a single dad, we hope we’ve cleared most of your doubts on the subject. 

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FAQs On How To Manage As A Single Dad

Do Single Dads Get Lonely?

It isn’t surprising to know that single dads do go through bouts of depression, anxiety, and stress. Being the child’s sole source of financial and emotional stability, getting burnt out is common. Therefore, single dads need to take some time off for themselves so that they’re in a better state of mind to take care of their children. 

What Should A Single Father Do?

A single father should: 

  • Get proper support 
  • Have a proper work schedule 
  • Set practical schedules 
  • Spend more quality time with the child  
  • Prepare for the future 

What Are The Challenges Of Being A Single Father?

Many challenges plague the journey of being a single father. Out of these, establishing a work-life balance is by far something many single fathers struggle to do. In the process of maintaining that, many have not been taking care of themselves. Therefore, it’s always important for single fathers to de-stress from time to time to avoid the risk of burnout.