Finally, you get the news of you being a dad. You see the reports and you’re jumping with joy. You get a hearty stream of congratulations, bouquets, sweets, and whatnot. But, somewhere down inside, you have got this overwhelming terror of how you’re going to manage this journey called fatherhood. It can begin when your partner is carrying your little one, so you need to prepare efficiently beforehand. To help you with this process, we’ve curated some tips on how to prepare for fatherhood. Read them, practice them, and we’re sure you’ll be less stressed by the time your baby comes into this world.

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Preparing for fatherhood is a unique journey for all, but it all works out when you’re able to bond with your little one.

Be Thorough In Your Research

During pregnancy, people have the common conception that the mother has to do most of the research. She has to read about information relating to deliveries, or any pregnancy-related matter. But, you don’t have to follow that notion. Parenting is best effective when both parents are involved, so ideally, you do your fair share of research to be better equipped. 

If you’re a first-time dad, try reading as many books on fatherhood as you can. The more you know, the more secure you’ll feel in taking on this journey. But, don’t restrict yourself to books only. Subscribe to pregnancy newsletters, watch videos, and join online groups. 

If your spouse is experiencing pregnancy-related symptoms from morning sickness to heartburn, research a bit more about that as well. Your main aim during this pregnancy period is to provide the utmost support and care to your spouse. Understand what they’re feeling; after all, another growing human is residing in your partner’s belly! 

Take a step further and research the type of deliveries, options of feeding, and methods of changing a diaper. Knowing what to expect during pregnancy and after the time of delivery makes the experience easier than someone who has no clue about these things. So where effort is concerned, you’ll have to get the extra mile. 

Organize Your Finances 

Preparing for fatherhood also requires getting your finances in order. In the joys of getting a child, the mental stress some fathers experience towards affording sometimes goes unnoticed. It’s estimated that approximately 5 lakh INR goes towards taking care of a newborn (0-2 years). The affordability factor just keeps on increasing since you’ll also have to spend for your child’s education, clothing, and entertainment as they grow up. How are you going to bear all these expenses? 

To avoid facing that question in the future, try making smart investment choices from now. Invest in comprehensive health and educational plans so that your child has a secure future. Speak to a financial advisor about them and also discuss a bit about managing expenses. The initial stages of infancy require the utmost attention and care. Therefore, you should be able to afford doctor visits, medications, and child supplies such as diapers, formula, etc. If you ever need help in booking appointments with pediatricians, try using our ImmunnifyMe app. You can either book a physical appointment or an online video call if you’re situated in another location.  

Also, if you feel your current job isn’t making the amount you require to provide, either take up a higher paying job or start a side hustle to earn extra income. The earlier you start, the better you can save in turn providing better financial security for your child. Just ensure that in the rush, you don’t lose out on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Start Being Healthy 

While your focus is on how to prepare for fatherhood, you shouldn’t neglect your own wellbeing. Before your little one arrives, try focusing on your health. If you smoke, try quitting. Research shows that secondhand smoke can increase the risk of the child getting a congenital heart defect, having a lower birth weight, and having a weak respiratory system. 

Your sleeping and eating schedule is certainly going to go haywire once you have your child. Hence, catch up on sleep and start eating healthy before the arrival. It’s equally important to do the same after you get your child, but you may not get much time. Start including fiber-rich and immune-boosting foods in your diet and cut down on carbonated drinks, especially soft drinks. High sugar and caffeine promote insomnia and you don’t want that affecting your sleep patterns. 

Begin exercising! Burn those extra calories by jogging, cycling, or even dancing (aerobic exercises). Also, you could try weight lifting if strength is what you desire.

Be Around With Other Fathers 

For to-be-dads, sharing that overwhelming feeling of being a father to other to-be-dads or to those who are already experienced is helpful. You’ll feel more encouraged and confident as you hear stories, and tips on how to handle a newborn. The learning that’ll take place is immeasurable since every father has a unique approach to their child, and you can even test them on yours. With such a support system, you can always bank on the “fatherhood community” as they’re always willing to help you through any struggle. Also, it’s a safe place to share some of your dad jokes. Now that’s a bonus! 

Look up online forums, social media groups, or ask your physician about nearby dad communities you can join. 

Attend Parenting Workshops

Attending parenting workshops is a great way of getting professional advice on how to raise children. You’ll learn how to strengthen your bond with your child through interactive mediums, and also how to tackle issues such as studying or eating problems. These workshops can even help you with how to prepare for fatherhood. Attend these workshops with your spouse so that ideas and concepts are better retained, making the task of raising a child easier and smoother. 

In India, you have many parenting workshops situated in major metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Banglore, and Mumbai. Here are some famous ones you can check out and see what’s closest to you: 

  • Parwarish Institute of Parenting – Delhi 
  • Magichive – Bangalore 
  • Parenting Matters – Chennai 
  • Triyoke – Mumbai 

Although most of these workshops are in-person, you can check out these online courses you can take which are equally as good: 

  • WOW Parenting
  • Successful Parenting Workshop by Pariskshit Jobanputra
  • Parenting by All Indian Teacher Training Academy      
  • Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children by Udemy
how to prepare for fatherhood, fatherhood

Researching a little in advance will come in handy when thinking of how to prepare for fatherhood.


We hope, through our tips and tricks, helped you learn how to prepare for fatherhood. Of course, it’s not going to be an easy journey, you’re going to make mistakes, and have some rough days. But, in all, it’s a rewarding experience once you’ve pursued through the difficulties. To lighten your burden further, check out our ImmunifyMe app. You can keep track of your child’s health and vaccination records, along with digitized access to prescriptions as well. 

FAQs On How To Prepare For Fatherhood 

How Do I Prepare To Be A Father? 

You can be better prepared for fatherhood by: 

  • Being thorough in your research 
  • Organizing your finances 
  • Starting a healthy lifestyle 
  • Being around with other fathers 
  • Attending parent workshops 

What Are Things First-Time Dads Should Know?

The journey of fatherhood is not easy and therefore, you’re bound to make mistakes. And that’s fine! Acknowledge and learn from them so that you can be a better dad. Also, once you get your child, you need to be more responsible than before. If you’re used to partying or a workaholic lifestyle, then you need to cut down or stop doing that immediately. You need to dedicate as much attention to your newborn and with such distractions, the child won’t get enough paternal love. 

At What Age Should A Man Become A Father? 

In today’s time, it’s good to be a father around the age of 25 to 30. Waiting until you’re 40 is also a ripe age to be a father. But these numbers are inconclusive. Plan accordingly depending on your situation.