Looking after yourself as you become a new mother is very important. While doing so, you’ll face different new challengesFirstly, you’ll be elated with your newborn, and there will be endless congratulations and huge changes as you embrace the early days of motherhood. You’ve achieved something wonderful in bringing a new life into the world, but your ongoing health is also essential. And it doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read about becoming a mother; nothing prepares you for the huge challenge that lies ahead. Being a mother is one of the most exciting and exhausting jobs in the world, as you’re suddenly responsible for the life of someone else. 

Common Challenges Faced By Every New Mother

There will be times when putting your needs on the back burner is necessary, but self-care is essential to stay focused, and you should never become resentful of your child if you feel you can’t manage. The importance of self-care, especially for mothers, means that you must take some time to do things you enjoy. Maybe that could be going out to dinner with your partner or coffee with a friend. If you don’t take a break to tend to your emotions and how you are feeling, you will burn out. That’s why self-care does matter. Otherwise, your mental health and well-being can suffer.

Furthermore, at this crucial time, there are many emotions present. 

  • Some mothers dive right into their new mum role and have no noticeable issues. 
  • Others may feel anxious or worried about their baby or feel the rise and fall of hormones, and all types of feelings will inevitably happen, not least a fear of being lonely. 

It’s ‘You’ Time!

It is the time when engaging in activities that will make you feel good. The importance of self-care for mothers is invaluable. Ensure that you engage yourself in some special events or activities as you’re very significant. You deserve to practice some feel-good for the same things, so have something in your diary to look forward to. Here are a few tips that shall benefit you and guide you in looking after yourself.

Reading a book or going for spa will help you spend some quality time with yourself.

Reading a book or going for spa will help you spend some quality time with yourself.

  • Take a long bath and add various fragrances that make you feel pampered
  • Enjoy a sweet treat, and don’t worry about calories at this stage
  • Curl up with a book or a feel-good movie 
  • Book a manicure or enjoy a Spa treatment
  • Start a journal
  • Join a mum’s support group

Self-Care Is Essential To Maintain Your Health

It’s essential to do some activity each day, even if you feel tired. Even just a walk around the garden for fresh air will help, then gradually enjoy a pram walk with your baby on their first outing. As time goes by, swimming is a great activity, and if you’re breastfeeding, this will help burn calories.

Things You Need To Do

In looking after yourself, you should eat well, as you need more energy to look after your newborn. 

  • If you’re too tired to cook, your partner shall hopefully take over that duty. 
  • Also, remember to drink plenty of fluid, so keep your water bottle handy. 
  • Furthermore, continue to take your prenatal vitamins. 

Limit Visitors In The Early Days Of Your Newborn

Everyone is excited about meeting a new baby, and although it’s a special time, it is very draining for the mother. Most people are happy to pop in briefly and return when things are calmer, with more routine established. It may sound ridiculous but try to grab as much sleep as possible as it’s a vital part of your recovery.  

Be Patient With Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding doesn’t come easily to all mothers, and for some, it may be a huge uphill battle as you’ll experience sore nipples and become stressed if your baby isn’t feeding correctly. Get advice early on, and let nature take its course. Don’t feel let down if you need to do combination feeding. Combination feeding is combining both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding your little one. You can fill the bottle with formula milk or expressed breast milk. Combination feeding allows you to feed your baby to suit you and your baby’s needs, as it’s all trial and error.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Within minutes of birthing the baby, your uterus starts shrinking. However, it should be about six weeks to return fully to its previous size. You can start by doing gentle pelvic floor and abdominal exercises the first day or two after the birth. Try exercising at home if you find it difficult to go out while having a baby to take care of. If you feel any pain, then stop. 

Ask For Assistance

Do not hesitate about asking for help with the daily chores. Whether it’s as simple as finding someone to look after the baby while you perhaps visit the hairdresser, you should treat yourself. The experience will do you good, and you’ll feel revitalized too. 

And besides all this, remember that you’re no good to anyone if you are not looking after yourself enough.