Playtime with babies is absolutely the best feeling in the world. As parents, seeing your baby cackle and respond to your actions is quite special. But did you know that playtime with babies is not just about entertaining your little one? It plays an integral role in helping your child develop physically, mentally and socially.

There are many valuable benefits of indulging in playtime with babies, which we will get to later. It is important to understand that playing with your baby is more than having fun with toys. To help them develop social cues, try to interact with them as much as possible. You can do this by singing songs, imitating or responding to the sounds they make. This reassures them that what they are saying is important and encourages communication.

Generally, newborn playtime should last for at least an hour daily. Your baby will also need multiple ‘tummy times’ in a day to help strengthen their back and neck muscles. This is a good time to let them explore and see what interests them. Placing a mirror near your baby is a great way to get them to notice and learn facial expressions. 

What Are The Benefits of Playtime?

New play experiences help boost brain development in babies. It also results in building better muscle strength along with developed motor skills. Playtime with babies gives them a good start at social interactions. They can learn more about the world around them and how to respond.

Here are some amazing benefits of playtime: 

  • Stirs creativity and helps build better imagination 
  • Deepens parent-child bond
  • Aids language development and helps them learn and understand words better. 
  • Promotes physical strength
  • Develops problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Builds confidence and helps them get ready to learn at school

Playtime is, therefore, an integral part of child development. Giving your baby complete attention when talking, singing or playing with them makes them feel like they matter. Who knew playtime could be so beneficial, right?

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Types Of Playtime For Babies

Firstly, it is best to choose post-nap time as playtime for your child. Since they are well-rested, they are likely to be in a better mood and enjoy playtime more. When it comes to newborns, keeping it simple is the absolute best. Keep in mind to use a combination of both relaxed and active tasks to keep your baby occupied.

  • Use things from around the house. Objects like plastic spoons, cups, and cardboard boxes make the best playtime objects. You can even use a torch to make funny shadows on the wall. You are sure to get some giggles in return!  
  • Sounds & Tones. Use a high-pitched voice, make funny noises and wait for your baby to respond. It will surprise you how much your baby has to ‘say’. 
  • The View. Babies notice everything around them. Take them around the house and show them different rooms. Maybe help them look outside. This will boost their imagination and creativity. 
  • Active games. Find games that involve active movement to make playtime with babies fun. This can include using hand gestures or swaying. This will help with developing fine and gross motor skills. 
  • Engage their mind.  Let your baby explore things around them. Get them rattles, small blocks or colored rings to help them understand shapes and sizes. This is a great way to help them learn about cause and effect.

Here are some ways to enhance playtime with your baby.


Playtime with babies can take many forms, depending on what intrigues your child. But simple things like singing a lullaby to active interaction can make a huge difference in your baby’s development. It covers overall aspects of wellbeing, learning and bonding. The main foundation of newborn playtime is interacting with you, the parent. So while playtime is essential and has all these benefits- remember to enjoy yourself. After all, it’s fun to play only if you have a good time.