You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax; all you need is a book.”- Dr Seuss, the renowned children’s author, poet and animator. Parents worldwide are eager to teach their toddlers to read at home. And for that, here are some reading tips for toddlers.

By all means, the screen, be it TV or handsets, has become arch-rival to the realm of stories and magic found in books. While reading develops the emotional intelligence of a child, the same is not true about watching episodes of noisy cartoons, which stagnate the imagination and emotions that make up a young mind. Moreover, these reading tips for toddlers are not only valuable but also well tested and are going to ensure you have a little reader at home. After all, today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader, as the saying goes.

Firstly, Start Reading Early

Reading is not a retirement activity. It is supposed to entertain, to fill the long hours of any dull day with worthwhile diversion. To instill this belief, we consider starting early among our first reading tips for toddlers. In one of the most entertaining children’s movies,’ The Baby’s Day Out’ directed by Patrick Read Johnson in 1994, the baby outsmarted the crooks because of being read to by his nanny.

Ring a bell, did it? Starting early consequently builds an early connection with stories and characters. Pick up books with big colorful pictures or sounds, and you can introduce reading to a newborn! Some mothers read to their babies even while pregnant. That’s as quick as it can be.

Kinds Of Books To Read To Your Toddlers

Children often consider books boring compared to the glint of the colorful screens of videos. Nonetheless, it’s your responsibility, Daddy, to win over this temptation! Bring in books which have sounds. Turn the pop-up pages with excitement, lift the flaps with suspense in your voice, and create curiosity with ‘touch and feel’ books. You will discover a reader rooted in your storytelling. The ball is in your court!

Read Not Just Books

It’s not pages alone that have vivid details. Additionally, you can make your kids read signs on advertisement billboards and restaurant menu cards. They have fascinating terms too, and it will be good fun reading them aloud. After all, therein lies tasty stuff! Have you noticed that there are videos with words scrolling down?

Pick the right pace and steer a habit to reading. Renew your subscription to a magazine. Additionally, point out pictures and phrases anywhere and everywhere and make them read. They are sure to enjoy it.

Read Books In Front Of Children

You would have heard the famous saying, ‘Practice what you Preach’. It applies here too. How long has it been before you picked a novel yourself to read? Running in the race to strike a work-life balance, the leisure of holding a book has taken a back place. Be an example.

Opt for a book instead of watching a Netflix series on your holiday and inspire your toddler to do the same without having to say it precisely. When you do this, you will undoubtedly see your child modelling you.

Read And Play With Your Child

Reading need not involve the verbatim repetition of the expressions from a book. There’s more to it than what meets the eye! A text on dinosaurs can accompany a dinosaur craft. Make a headgear or eye mask if you are studying pirates. Be the ship’s captain, and let your toddler be a pirate. Interesting, isn’t it?

Picked up a book on planets? Dance to the tune of any song on planets. Draw attention to words you see in books in other places. How about a scorecard for the same? This one works like magic among all the reading tips for toddlers.

Do Not Force Your Child To Read

In addition to being a constructive way to pass a couple of hours, reading is an exercise for the brain. According to a research article published in 2018, reading helps build social skills and the ability to cope with strategic situations. Furthermore, it promotes an understanding of the world by providing a holistic view. At the same time, you can’t force your child to do something they don’t necessarily enjoy much.

As told by famous musician Al Stewart, “Nothing that’s forced can ever be right.” Make efforts, give the ideal exposure and let your child take an interest in it. Saying no to forced reading is definitely among the prudent reading tips for toddlers. Forcing will only repel the kids towards reading instead of offering a good experience.

Lastly, Create Happy Moments And Memories

Another key point to remember is don’t create memories with a to-do list. Joyful flashes of rewards and only time spent with children without multitasking on smartphones will establish better recollections. Your child will relate to reading with love if you cuddle with him and read a bedtime story every day. Having a bedtime reading habit also combats insomnia and reduces stress.

According to recent research from the University of Sussex, “even 6 minutes of reading a day is enough to reject the 2/3 of the daily stress a person faces.”


Therefore, the next time you think of a birthday gift, why not consider an engaging children’s book? Assign a cozy reading nook in your home to halt those little steps. Adopt these reading tips for toddlers to improve their child’s creative skills. Reading is an excellent means to bond with your toddler. 

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