It’s almost inevitable that kids jump, play and fall too. Most instances of a teeth injury occur in preschool during playtime and when school-age kids happen to fall, while dental injuries in teenagers are sports-related. Of course, if your child loses a baby tooth a little bit earlier than expected, there’s no need to panic.

What To Do For Teeth Injury In Children?

If a toddler or young baby’s get injured right in the gums or the baby teeth, you can immediately follow the steps given below:

  1. Try applying pressure to the area (do if only it’s bleeding) with a cold and wet piece of gauze.
  2. If your child is big enough to follow the directions, ask them to slowly bite down on the wet gauze.
  3. Try to reduce swelling with an ice pop by sucking on it, or hold an ice-pack wrapped in a washcloth to the cheek.
  4. Call the dentist.
  5. Give ibuprofen or acetaminophen, whichever painkiller is needed for pain. Make sure you seek the advice of a dentist first.
  6. Watch carefully if there is swelling in the gums, any prolonged pain, a fever, or any change in tooth color.

What If A Tooth Got Chipped/Broken?

  1. Collect all the pieces of the tooth which are broken.
  2. Try and rinse the child’s mouth with some warm water.
  3. Call your dentist simultaneously and schedule the visit right away.
  4. If the dentist is not available, rush to the emergency room.

What Happens If A Baby Tooth Turns Black?

A baby’s tooth turning black generally means that the tooth sustained an injury or hard impact of some sort. The discoloration begins some weeks after the injury, but usually heals on its own. Baby teeth might take a few months to get lightened, usually for about six months or so. 

However, in some cases the pulp inside the tooth may die due to the trauma. This causes the tooth to become abscessed and infected, in which case it will mostly have to be extracted.

Can We Go To The ER For Teeth Injury In Children?

In case your child is going through a throbbing pain, tiredness, or fever, you should immediately call your pediatrician. Moreover, if your baby is experiencing pain in the mouth along with trouble in breathing or even in swallowing, this might indicate a comparatively severe situation and you should take your kid to the emergency room as soon as possible.

In conclusion, we see the baby’s dark teeth as a result of them bumping it almost all the time. It will eventually lighten up with time. If this doesn’t happen, there may still be no treatment that is needed, other than regular observation. Rarely, it happens that it will cause abscess and need complete removal or a root canal of the baby tooth. Of course, going to see a dentist for an evaluation or an x-ray is the best option for appropriate treatment.

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FAQs On Teeth Injury In Children

What Should I Do If My Child Hits His Front Tooth?

If your child sustains a tooth injury, stop the bleeding with some gauze and hold an ice pack against it. If the pain seems unbearable or if they get a fever in some days, make sure you go to the dentist.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Teeth Injury?

Some signs of a teeth injury in children are darkened teeth, bleeding, a chipped tooth, difficulty in biting and chewing, and crankiness from pain.