We live in a digital age where it’s important to have everything at our fingertips. These past few years, we’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of apps being developed for almost any and every functionality out there in the world. Many industries and verticals now heavily depend on apps for their daily needs. Now, the same holds good for the medical industry as well, especially considering telemedicine and tech in the field. Here are the top 5 apps we came across that could be really beneficial to doctors and other medical professionals to make their lives simpler, easier and better!

top apps for doctors

There are a number of apps for doctors today that can help them increase efficiency at work.

Benefits Of Apps For Doctors

If we look at it objectively, we can say that there are a few benefits of using an application.

  1. To begin with, apps are super efficient and time-saving. In today’s pandemic era when new incoming patients are increasing exponentially, time is of the essence. In such scenarios, an app would help you make the best use of time in your daily routine, with nothing integral being left out. 
  2. Being accurate in the medical field is the most important aspect there could be. And the accuracy that comes by using an app is almost unmatched. By using apps, medical practitioners can decrease misdiagnosis. They can also reduce chances of missing appointments/surgeries, reduce dosage and prescription errors, and so much more. Doctors can also use these apps for research and to gather knowledge on treatment plans.
  3. Another benefit of using apps is the convenience they offer. Convenience surely plays a huge role, when you know you have everything you’d ever need, right in your hand. Now you can forget about scouring through huge books or running from patient to patient, because everything can be accessed by just a few simple taps. 


ImmunifyMe is among the popular apps for doctors today. This cloud-based ecosystem platform leverages technology to monitor vaccinations and immunizations. The aim? To bridge the vaccination gap and prevent child deaths by vaccine-preventable diseases. The app has several features for both parents and doctors. A few notable features specifically for doctors are as follows:

  1. Telemedicine – Doctors can have end-to-end encryption of calls with their patients. With prepaid consultations, cancellations can also reduce in number, and patient files can be accessed beforehand so doctors can be well prepared.
  2. Revenue ManagementDoctors can now track their daily transactions and earnings through this feature. The money gets credited to an e-wallet that can be transferred to their personal bank account, simply by a click.
  3. Appointment Management This feature lets doctors practice at their own convenience by scheduling appointments as per their liking. Not just that, this feature also notifies you of any upcoming appointments, so you can efficiently go about your day.
  4. Patient Registration and Record Management – New patients can be brought online or made to register by simply filling a form that will take less than 5 minutes! Also, now with zero usage of paper, you can digitize your patient’s records, thus making them accessible from anywhere.
  5. Broadcast Messaging – You can now reach out to everyone’s phone with just a click. By broadcasting messages you can attend to emergencies if need be, without worrying about not informing your patients.
ImmunifyMe app for doctors

The ImmunifyMe app has a lot of benefits for doctors as well as parents.

Available for: Android

Features: Free features include vaccine records and reminders, milestone progress, and a basic nutrition plan. Paid costs include all free features plus a QR code, home vaccination, digital health records and more. 

Cost: Free for basic features, paid features come at ₹2499 per year.


One of the most frequently downloaded medical apps, Medscape is the leading online destination for healthcare professionals and physicians. Designed to provide a personalized experience for doctors, it is a versatile app that allows doctors to stay up-to-date in the current medical world. The app also gives access to a clinical reference section with up-to-date information on drugs, diseases, relevant professional education, video tutorials on procedures, CME/CE activities, medical calculators, and opportunities in the medical education field. 

Some of its features include: 

  1. Tailored News Feed: The USP of this app is that you, as a medical professional, can tailor relevant information according to your speciality. To add to it, you can also access what you need whenever you need and that too for free. 
  2. Medscape Decision Point: A one-stop platform for fast and reliable clinical information/answers to all your queries. It provides evidence-based treatment options along with expert commentary. Medscape database also allows you to access more than 4000+ medical conditions with helpful images.
  3. Medical Calculator: Provides access to 400+ medical calculators that are grouped by speciality, making it quicker and easier to use. 
  4. Drug Prescription: Through this app, you can look up the latest prescription and safety guidelines for  8500+ prescription and OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements. You can also check the ways in which various drugs interact with each other.
  5. Education: The app has educational videos, pictures, and directives for over 1000+ medical procedures. Not just that, users can also gain access to some of the best medical journals.

Medscape is available on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle devices. The app is free, but you need to register.

Available for: Android, iOS

Cost: Free


VisualDx is an app that improves medical decisions through augmented thinking and timely visualization. It’s basically an intelligence platform for improving medical decisions. This app uses the knowledge and resources of over 50 physicians and more than 60 medical staff apart from software engineers, sales team, imaging specialists, and business and marketing specialists to empower better decision-making! 

Simply put, it is a visual reference tool for doctors to help aid in therapeutic decisions and improve patient safety. Highly acclaimed in the dermatology vertical, it’s the world’s best curated medical image library with over 42,000 images. Some of the most prominent features of the app are:

  1. Skin of Color Feature – An unmatched library helps reflect diseases on all skin types.
  2. See the DifferentialBuild a custom differential diagnosis based on major complaints. The correct diagnosis is just seconds away, even if the differentials are quite broad.
  3. The SympticonVisualize the symptoms with this VisualDx trademark technology. Access an enhanced differential, save time, and improve results by getting a real-time representation.
  4. Diagnosis Search – Reduce errors that harm patients by accessing accurate images and concise clinical information on a diagnosis search.
  5. Medication Adverse EffectsView adverse conditions caused by a specific drug upon searching by medication. Results provided include images, evidence, and therapy guidelines.

Available for: Android, iOS

Cost: Users get a free 30-day demo, after which a monthly subscription of $49.99*/ month is charged. There are also annual price plans available.


The tag line of Curofy – ‘Diagnose and Cure Faster’, is the perfect description of what this app aims to achieve. The app is designed exclusively for physicians and healthcare professionals in India. With a network of over 510,000 doctors across 1500 cities, doctors get the opportunity to collaborate and discuss difficult cases, get medical updates, get the latest news in medicine, and browse medical jobs

With 300 cases posted every day, Curofy is one of the most active doctor-centric platforms in the country. Doctors and healthcare professionals get the opportunity to discuss, go over cases, and get information on 1000+ specialties and subspecialties. With such a wide network, not only is this a great way to learn about different cases but doctors also use this app to discuss many real-life cases every month, and exchange knowledge on the same.

A few of the features include:

  1. Curofy helps the doctors to access the latest journals and guidelines in the medical field. It also offers MCQs to keep them updated with ongoing medical practices and cases.
  2. The app also provides educational information and knowledge exchange for doctors and students alike. They can also access videos and AMA sessions from eminent doctors across the country.
  3. Curofy is an excellent platform to network and get notified about the most appropriate jobs that suit your profile.
  4. A new chat feature “Curofy Chat” offers fast and efficient messaging service where doctors can chat on the go with other doctors, nurses and physicians regarding present and past cases.

Available for: Android, iOS

Cost: Free


This leading solution-based mobile app is highly recommended for tracking and managing diabetes. You can not only use it to monitor your own diabetes, if present, but also recommend your diabetic patients to make use of the app.

The app aims to improve self-monitoring and self-management capabilities so that patients remain a step ahead. Additionally, a feature on the app allows patients to send detailed reports to you via the app itself. It provides doctors with a tool that helps in making quick and informed decisions about the right treatment course. Need a little more reassurance before you recommend it? The app is CE-certified as a Class I Medical Device!

Some of its features are:

  1. Logbook: Users get to maintain a clean and well-organized logbook to track glucose, insulin, nutrition, medications, and injection sites.
  2. Bolus Advisor: A tool to get insights on normal and prolonged insulin boluses using the top-notch bolus advisor. It also helps in carbohydrate counting and includes an insulin dose calculator.
  3. Reports: The app helps you track almost all aspects of your treatment. It helps in providing detailed reports, log entries, and charts that you can send to your supervising physician via email.
  4. Graphs and Charts: Use this app to efficiently summarize all collected data in a visual way using easy-to-read graphs, charts, and diagrams.
  5. Nutrition: Diet and nutrition are integral to one’s health. Keeping that in mind, the app includes a vast nutrition database that helps users keep track of their food intake. It also gives nutritional information and exercise requirements.

Available for: Android, iOS

Features: Free features include a logbook, Bolus advisor, reports, and graphs and charts. Premium features include the smart AI assistant, pattern analysis, Bluetooth integration, and synchronization.

Cost: Free for basic features, while additional features come at a price.


The rising demand for mobile care is fueling a health revolution. With handy features that health apps come with, recording user data and accessing medical help has become much easier than before. The apps may vary in features, models, and pricing but the goals remain the same – to make life easier for patients and doctors and assist with hospital management. Along with using apps, doctors can also build a website to increase their outreach and deal with patients effectively.

apps for doctors, digitization, telemedicine

With features like telemedicine gaining popularity, apps can come in handy for doctors and patients alike.

FAQs On Top Apps for Doctors

What Does ImmunifyMe Provide?

ImmunifyMe is a child immunization schedule app for parents and doctors alike in India. The app helps in digitizing vaccination records along with helping parents keep track of the vaccination schedules of their children. As for doctors, it also provides a range of useful features such as record storing, appointment scheduling, broadcast messaging, and more, to assist with an easy and efficient workday.

What Applications Do Doctors Use?

There are several apps available for doctors and medical professionals. These range from information-centric apps, to apps that help with staff and practice management, and to apps that help with patient relations. 

What Are Medical Apps?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, medical apps are software on a mobile device that function as an accessory to a regulated medical device or transform a mobile platform into a regulated medical device.