‘Ways to boost a child’s immunity’- A very underestimated yet compelling topic. There are high chances that you might get very excited thinking of becoming a parent. However, being one is undoubtedly the most life-changing experience an adult can have. You would feel the need to keep your dear children happy, healthy, and free of sickness. Nothing makes a parent more upset than seeing their child suffer from a cough, cold, or other infectious conditions. These become more common as the child enters preschool and appear impossible to avoid. At this point, developing immunity is extremely important.

As another schooling year begins under the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents wonder what they can do to keep their children healthy. They might ask if there is a method to strengthen the immune system and protect against Covid-19 and other illnesses?

The answer is yes, but no miracle or supplements are available for the same. Taking the required actions to stay healthy is the best method to maintain a healthy immune system. It’s tested and proven!

Essentials To Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Here are some ways you can apply that may help:

  • Breastfeeding is necessary – Colostrum found in the mother’s milk is the gold standard for establishing a baby’s immunity. Nursing babies for at least six months can help build their more developed immune systems. This will make babies less prone to illnesses and allergies throughout their life.
  • Strictly follow the immunization schedule It is necessary to follow the pediatrician’s recommended immunization schedule. Make sure that the child receives all of the essential vaccines on time.
  • Encourage a balanced diet – Encourage your child to eat a rainbow diet by including various fruits and vegetables. Make sure their diet is rich in different vitamins and minerals.
  • Enough rest is essential – On average, babies need 10 to 14 hours of uninterrupted sleep. A bedtime ritual could include a warm bath, a little massage, or some time spent reading together. An energized and well-rested child is better able to fight infections.
  • Workouts are important – Exercise is crucial for general wellness. A child’s health and immune system can benefit from an hour of action outdoors or even indoors. Exercising or playing a sport as a family can be fun and an excellent way to bond while staying active.
  • No choice in cleanliness – Maintain good hygiene to keep the germs and diseases at bay. Simple behaviors should be emphasized so that they become like second nature. These include hand washing after play, before and after meals, after using the toilet, etc.

Some Other To-Dos For Boosting Child’s Immunity

Encourage outdoor playtime to boost your child's immunity

Encourage outdoor playtime to boost your child’s immunity

  •  Outdoor time – Every cell in the body needs fresh air and vitamin D as it helps to build immunity. So, take your kids outside whenever possible. Encourage them to go and run barefoot in the grass and get a bit dirty as regular exposure to pathogens enables the body to adapt and diversify.
  • Avoid taking too many Antibiotics – Antibiotics, pain killers as the first line of defense, may not always be the best option despite their speed. Antibiotics frequently wipe out beneficial microorganisms along with harmful microorganisms, affecting the body’s immune system.

Last But Not The Least 

Getting cold, coughs, bruises, and cuts are unavoidable components of growing up. What parents can do on their part is what we should focus upon as the ultimate goal is the security of our children in the long run and a try to escape the not-so-good situations. It goes a long way towards ensuring that these illnesses are brief and infrequent. 

Providing our children with nutritious foods, healthy behaviors, and a safe environment can help us to some extent. Along with that, kiss the blues away with love and care, cuddles, and laughs. Make childhood the best experience for your little ones.

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