Keeping kids active at home is something most parents struggle with. Kids who exercise regularly reap the benefits in various areas, including bone and muscle strength, concentration, and mood. It’s a perfect idea to balance moderate and vigorous activity within your weekly routine.

But have you ever wondered that you, as a parent, would ever have stopped allowing your kids to go out? Or make restrictions for playing outside? No wonder the pandemic forced all the parents worldwide to do so. Schools closed down, athletic events were cancelled, and recreation centres closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Then what about the growth and development of our children? While we spend more time at home and restructure our daily schedules, we must also spend some time thinking in this direction. There are obviously plenty of fun and inventive methods to keep our bodies moving at home too. Let us look at some ways to keep kids active at home.

Things To Do To Keep Kids Active At Home:

  • Shake it off Who doesn’t enjoy a good dance-off? It’s a guaranteed method to get your kids off the couch if you shake it off to a few favorite tunes. Freeze dance is a fun way to improve listening abilities. The rules are simple: everyone dances when the music plays and freezes when the DJ turns off the music.
  • TwerkHula-hooping is a wonderful indoor sport for strengthening your child’s core muscles as long as you don’t get too close to furniture or breakables. Try hula-hooping while walking backwards or spinning the hoop around your ankle or arm to mix things up a little.
Balloon Play

Balloon Play

  • Balloon playMake a net by tying a strand of yarn between two chairs. Then inflate a balloon and practise your serving abilities! Kicking or head-bumping the balloon will spice things up a little. This kind of balloon volleyball is exciting for keeping kids active at home. You can also try some other balloon plays for the same purpose.
  • Living room Soccer – To play a game of soccer, you don’t need a backyard. Begin by placing masking tape on the floor on opposite sides of the corridor to create a net. After you’ve divided into teams, grab a tiny plastic ball and get ready to have some fun.
  • Marble toe race – Find two huge basins, one filled with water and marbles. Request that your child only uses his feet to pick up the marbles and set them in another dish. The winner is the first person to get all of the marbles into the other bowl. If you don’t want your flooring to get wet, use towels on the floor or avoid the water part altogether.

Some More Fun Activities For Keeping Kids Active At Home:

  • ‘Fitness Deck’ Game This activity only requires a deck of cards. What you need to do is just to assign each suit a particular activity. For example, the kid will do jumping jacks whenever heart comes up, similarly on spades, sit-ups, clubs=squads and diamonds=push-ups. Shuffle the deck and take turns picking up the top card with your kid. The number on the card indicates how many times you must perform an activity. Decide on the value of the Aces, Jacks, Queens, and Kings before you begin.
  • Track the steps – Use a smartphone app to motivate your kids to move more during the day. Let them borrow your fitness tracker or download a free app on your phone. Challenge your kids to hit a goal for each day, like a certain number of steps. If you have stairs in your home, set a goal for them to climb a certain number of stairs by the end of the day. Check in with them at the end of the day and celebrate their accomplishment. Challenge them to do a little more the following day.
  • Assign them some chores This will not be their favourite activity, but you will undoubtedly require assistance, and they will be expected to contribute to the family’s well-being. Put your kids to work on simple household activities. Like dusting, mowing the grass, cleaning the dishes, wiping the counters, or folding the laundry. Assign dinner duties to the older children. Alternatively, enlist their assistance with a basic home repair project you’ve wanted to complete.


So, Yess! That’s it for today. Try thinking of some more ideas aligning with the discussed ones. Spare some time brainstorming on the alternatives of outdoor activities so that nothing comes and hinders your child’s development in any way possible. Keeping kids active at home can be a little tricky but not so difficult. All it requires are some special arrangements, a proper timetable, and a will to stay happy and healthy.