Only if we could count how many times our moms and the other experienced elders constantly remind us to maintain a happy mood during pregnancy. 

While it’s normal to undergo a roller coaster of emotions after getting pregnant, keeping your mood calm and relaxed throughout your pregnancy is recommended. 

But why? Does your mood actually influence your baby inside your womb, and if yes, how?

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Can Your Moods Affect Your Unborn Baby?

Well, the answer is yes!  Your mood during pregnancy directly influences your baby growing inside you. 

But, of course, that emotion has to be extreme enough to have that kind of impact.

Say if you’re feeling sad, it won’t make your baby sad; however, if you frequently experience negative mood temperaments and depressive mental states, it may end up being a bit complicated for your little one. 

What does Research say?

While examining the connection between a woman’s mood during pregnancy and her baby’s health, the research studies are positive.

According to what researchers say, infants’ brains can detect the psychological state of their mothers and get impacted by that. 


Research shows that when a pregnant woman experiences anxiety, their body stimulates the response of certain hormones, including- Epinephrine and Norepinephrine. 

These hormones are known to decrease the blood flow, hampering the development of the fetus inside the womb. 

Is Being Happy During Pregnancy Important?

Sure it is! However, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your emotional struggles. 

Pregnancy can be overwhelming, but you can always experiment with the ways that bring you to ease. 

Remember, if you stay relaxed and calm, your baby growing inside you will sense it too. Studies have actually shown a positive relationship between hope and happiness in prenatal care.

Adequate mental care during pregnancy will have favourable physical and psychological outcomes for your infant. 

Now you know why you are constantly told to try and stay happy during pregnancy.

Some Tips For Pregnancy Happiness

While stocking up on that ‘happy’ emotion during pregnancy, one can always try, right?

Check out these tips for a quick dose of ‘good mood’-

Journal when stressed

While you can always talk to your partner or friends when stressed, there might be times you quietly want to understand and acknowledge your feelings. If that’s the case, maintaining a journal would do wonders. 

Pick out a binge-worthy movie

From ‘Mentalhood’ to ‘Workin’moms’, look for some binge-worthy parenting-based movies to watch.

Spoil Yourself

Definitely enjoy doing this while you still can! From going shopping to treating yourself to a nice meal, keep pampering yourself.

Now that you know how both your good and bad moods can influence your baby’s health, make your choice wisely. 

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