Those boxes of chocolates and beautiful lovey-dovey moments are brought out by the month of love, February! But, Valentine’s Day won’t be the same once your baby arrives. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your time as a family of two, our blog is sure to help you out. Here are some ideas as to how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re pregnant so you two can enjoy your we-time!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day When You’re Pregnant

Get Dressed Up

Choose a maternity outfit that makes you feel on top of the world and get going! Make an appointment at a salon or a spa for yourself and get your makeup and hair done. Pregnancy can be tiring, especially on days when you don’t feel your best, and a completely happy pregnancy can be hard. So what better excuse to get dolled up than celebrating Valentine’s Day when you’re pregnant?

These little things will make you feel beautiful and confident, and that can help with the tiredness of pregnancy.

maternal clothes, valentine's day when you're pregnant

Buying yourself some nice maternity clothes can help you enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Go Out For The Weekend

Weekend getaways are fantastically simple and highly underrated. Sometimes, all you need is some together-time and pampering, more so when you’re pregnant! Pregnancy can bring about several changes, lots of which are challenging to adjust to. It can be a good idea for you and your partner to go on a weekend getaway together. You can easily pick the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day, but we’d advise you to make your bookings in advance before the rates increase.

Your destination doesn’t have to be very luxurious or very far. A fancy hotel with a nice view and great service can make all the difference. When you become parents, it will become more challenging to find a way for just the two of you to go out for a day or two. So, take advantage of this time and enjoy the romantic getaway with your better half.

Hire A Maternity Photographer

Celebrating Valentine’s Day when you’re pregnant can be a merge of your love for your partner and your new baby on the way. How? With a maternity photoshoot of course! The photoshoot is a celebration of what is quite literally the result of your love for one another, and your life ahead. 

Step out of the box and forget the traditional Valentine’s surprises, and invest in a maternity photoshoot. These pictures will capture your relationship’s essence and the excitement that you both share by being there for each other, with each other!

bonding with your baby during pregnancy, photoshoot, celebrate valentine's day when you're pregnant

Have a maternal photoshoot is a fun way to mark your last “couple’s Valentine’s Day!”

Go For A Luxury Dine-Out

Choose one of your favorite restaurants in a five or four-star hotel and enjoy a perfect couple night-out! Try a restaurant that has a romantic ambiance, beautiful lighting, or maybe sit near the poolside. Enjoy each other’s company, talk about anything and everything, and leave your phones at home! 

Finally, whoever said celebrating Valentine’s Day when you’re pregnant has to be fancy? If nothing works out, have fun at home. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t feel like getting up, pick up your favorite food takeout, put on some Netflix, and chill! Make sure you both make time for each other, and do things you like. The important thing is not what you do together, but the time that you spend together. 


Remember, if you are pregnant this Valentine’s Day, enjoy and make it memorable as it’s your last one as a twosome! With a little munchkin on your way, remember not to forget to give a time that’s worthwhile to both of you. On the more practical side, ensure you prep for parenthood by finding a pediatrician and downloading the ImmunifyMe app. One can help you look after your baby, the other helps you be hands-on parents.

FAQs On Celebrating Valentine’s Day When You’re Pregnant

How Can I Have Fun On Valentine’s Day When Pregnant?

The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself what you like to do for fun. As long as it is safe for you and your baby, you can do whatever you please to make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Is It Okay To Do Physical Activity When Pregnant?

Yes, you can do physical activity while pregnant as long as you are perfectly healthy and are having a healthy pregnancy. You must always consult with your Ob-Gyn about what sort of activity you can do just to be on the safe side.